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Mase Gumbo

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Comments by Mase Gumbo
As redistricting gets under way, Democrats' prospects looking brighter Oct 02, 2021 8:15AM ET
go find a semblance of inteligence Joseph
'Crazy': Britain puts army on standby as panic buying leaves petrol pumps dry Sep 27, 2021 9:27PM ET
Shapps what a waste of space liar
U.S. funds Florida school district after state cuts over mask mandate Sep 25, 2021 5:09AM ET
global pandemic....what a ****
EU not leading by example on green investing, auditors say Sep 20, 2021 11:31AM ET
good lets implement it
European Union-style bloc pitched for Latin America, Caribbean Sep 18, 2021 5:52PM ET
youre the only one crying you pathetic nothing
U.S. House Speaker Pelosi cautions Britain over Northern Irish peace deal Sep 17, 2021 5:22AM ET
not sure why nobody like you is commenting on foreign affairs he has no understanding about...but here we are
New Jersey set to shed $182 million Unilever assets over Ben & Jerry's boycott Sep 16, 2021 8:57AM ET
oh so youre pro murdering children...hmm..figures
U.S. Poverty Rate Rose From 60-Year Low, Incomes Fell Amid Virus Sep 14, 2021 11:05AM ET
bla bla ...go ********off donald
No vaccine passports: UK PM to set out winter COVID-19 plan Sep 12, 2021 11:34AM ET
go contract covid
Canada opposition chief, leading in election race, under fire over gun control Sep 04, 2021 10:58PM ET
another idiocy courtesy of your feeble brain
Russia pledges retaliation after new U.S. sanctions Aug 21, 2021 3:31PM ET
youre the only disaster ...paid russian troll
Thousands march in Bucharest LGBTQ pride parade Aug 15, 2021 3:05PM ET
go f youselves
Birthday wishes from Rudy Giuliani? That will cost you Aug 12, 2021 4:36AM ET
haha how quaint ...wasnt trump Epsteins about Gaetz...russian trolls have very selective memory
Trump allies including Giuliani lose bid to dismiss Dominion vote machine lawsuits Aug 11, 2021 7:21PM ET
haha them for every penny they got
U.S. Senate pivots to $3.5 trillion bill, key to Biden's agenda Aug 10, 2021 11:55AM ET
trump scu m at full force
Dominion sues Newsmax, One America over U.S. election fraud claims Aug 10, 2021 9:40AM ET rampart ...couldnt get a single case and 0 evidence after 9months ...