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Hedge Fund

Joined: 02/12/16

Comments by Hedge Fund
Oil Inventories Fall by 815,000 Barrels Last Week: API Dec 14, 2021 4:57PM ET
SP500 back to 1800-2500 in less than 3 years...recession coming
Dogecoin And Shiba Inu Remain Top Dogs In The Crypto Universe Dec 06, 2021 12:09PM ET
garbage meme coin..ELON MUSK did more manipulation than Mcaffe did on bath salts. I'll stick with BTC LTC and scalping STORJ
Storj Oct 31, 2021 2:14PM ET
$5.00 in 1 now and double up
Powell says economy still needs Fed support, pushes back on inflation worries Feb 23, 2021 10:51AM ET
I've been on here years..never do I push anything but BUY LITCOIN NOW FEB 23RD 2020..thank me after April..screenshot this..
Litecoin Feb 13, 2021 2:48PM ET
it already had a red candle and wick at 192s yesterday..this will pullback
Litecoin Feb 13, 2021 2:48PM ET
the milestone is $316 December 16th 2017..we are $100 away..stop pushing false info
Litecoin Feb 13, 2021 2:47PM ET
agreed 192 dip..big red limit 187-192 scalp 200s
Litecoin Feb 13, 2021 2:46PM ET
way over bought..will dips to 190s again
A Tesla for a bitcoin: Musk drives up cryptocurrency price with $1.5 billion purchase Feb 08, 2021 11:09AM ET
1.5billion ? why dont I see that reflected in the price it should have hit 50k
Litecoin Feb 07, 2021 9:59AM ET
download STOCKTWITS app for your phone..follow "SEALERS" on stocktwits all of the trades have been 100% correct for 2020 and 2021.
Litecoin Feb 07, 2021 9:58AM ET
wait til $143
Litecoin Feb 07, 2021 9:57AM ET
Litecoin Feb 07, 2021 9:57AM ET
where is the COINBASE PRO/GDAX/LTC? is it missing now?
Litecoin Feb 07, 2021 9:56AM ET
why is GDAX COINBASE PRO/LTC chart not here anymore?
Litecoin Feb 07, 2021 9:55AM ET
wrong 140s
Litecoin Feb 07, 2021 9:55AM ET
loser not looser
Litecoin Feb 07, 2021 9:54AM ET
mimble wimble will make it run to $180 again ?
Biden Pledges to 'Act Fast' on $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Package Feb 05, 2021 1:29PM ET
it's been too late..Thomas Jefferson warned about the federal reserve being private..its no more FEDERAL than FEDERAL express
Litecoin Feb 04, 2021 2:52PM ET
wrong back to 133-142
Litecoin Feb 04, 2021 2:52PM ET
why is this not tracking GDAX/CB PRO? OFF BUY $4 TOO LOW
GameStop Plunges After Brokers Restrict Trading Jan 28, 2021 3:53PM ET
LITECOIN FEBRUARY 12TH all in..same thing as GME
Oil Prices Hits March Highs on Vaccine Hopes, Defying Gasoline Stock Spike Nov 25, 2020 12:44PM ET
nobody is driving w covid19..there will be a glut litcoine on coinbase and thank me when it hits $90-$100+ this year end
Oil Prices Hits March Highs on Vaccine Hopes, Defying Gasoline Stock Spike Nov 25, 2020 12:42PM ET
this is why I trade bitcoin and litecoin.look at the profit from last year oil is gold never follows miners..oil and all precious metals are rigged and if your not on the inside your just gambling..get a coinbase pro account and buy BTC&LTC..I retired from day trading and made more in 2 years trading crypto than 2 years day trading ETFs
LTC/USD Nov 25, 2020 12:09PM ET
december 2017 $300..all we need is $160 to double portfolio..$86 is a no brainer BUY