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James Bond

Joined: 29/11/16

Comments by James Bond
CAC 40 Futures Jul 19, 2021 8:28AM ET
Ask Macron. he got an answer.
XRP Dec 28, 2020 7:59PM ET
I think it's the end.
DoorDash Dec 09, 2020 2:39PM ET
Airbnb will enter with a flop.
Bombardier Inc Nov 20, 2020 11:30AM ET
Bombardier Inc Jun 22, 2020 11:52AM ET
indexes are made to continue going up. bad students are Always pushed aside. Usually bad students succeed in their life without having a degree.
Nasdaq 100 Futures Apr 16, 2020 3:20PM ET
as i was sayin' this cov19 story is just a joke, Real things will start now.
Nasdaq 100 Futures Apr 14, 2020 9:12AM ET
weird correlation btween equities gold and oil.
Nasdaq 100 Futures Feb 21, 2020 3:56PM ET
i'll do it next year after US elections.
Nasdaq 100 Futures Feb 21, 2020 3:51PM ET
shorted at 9724. downy downy honey.
EUR/USD Aug 14, 2019 12:42PM ET
GBP/USD Jun 11, 2019 2:47PM ET
Your seatbelts
EUR/USD Jun 08, 2019 6:47AM ET
there will be a gap anyway
EUR/USD Jun 07, 2019 7:21PM ET
I don't really believe on such rally, the STOXX 600 Banks is down again to it's low level of June 2018.
EUR/USD May 21, 2019 4:55AM ET
My browser won't load technical chart
EUR/USD May 03, 2019 8:38AM ET
so Yesterday we got 230k New jobless claims and today we have +230k new jobs.
EUR/USD May 01, 2019 3:01PM ET
  H4  H4
EUR/USD May 01, 2019 2:56PM ET
who'is seeing a reversed H&S
Silver May 01, 2019 9:14AM ET
Silver chart looks like the BTC chart on monthly
EUR/USD Apr 22, 2019 12:40PM ET
I think we're goin' to reach 200 daily SMA in few days
EUR/USD Apr 21, 2019 7:23AM ET
So everybody is selling ??
EUR/USD Apr 10, 2019 11:49AM ET
Rollover is toOOOOOoooo  expensive
EUR/USD Apr 10, 2019 11:37AM ET
UJ is on a free fall. DXY follows
EUR/USD Apr 10, 2019 11:34AM ET
Wow. we'll see a big green candle
GBP/USD Apr 09, 2019 10:29AM ET
Everybody here is happy, sellers and buyers
GBP/USD Apr 09, 2019 5:32AM ET
 GU is on a roller coaster GU is on a roller coaster