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KC Trader

Joined: 16/09/16

Comments by KC Trader
XRP Mar 27, 2023 8:54AM ET
Why? XRP is going up.
XRP Mar 25, 2023 11:20AM ET
It's not data, it's speculation.
XRP Mar 23, 2023 11:06PM ET
What crash?
XRP Mar 17, 2023 9:20PM ET
Well, it ultimately comes down to the one's opinionated definition of "moon" lol. Moon to $1? Ath? $5? $10? $100? $1k? Let's be honest, there's only one in the entire universe that knows the answer to smoker's question!
XRP Mar 17, 2023 9:13PM ET
XRP Mar 17, 2023 8:01PM ET
Look at the XRP weekly chart. Weekly support has been trending up since June 2022
XRP Mar 17, 2023 7:55PM ET
What chart timeframe for HNS?
XRP Mar 15, 2023 5:48AM ET
Possibly 2025, or 2030.
XRP Mar 12, 2023 1:11AM ET
Like I said, watch the stock markets, watch for the next FTX. The global central banks are stuck between inflation and depression. This could be the lost decade for crypto.
XRP Mar 10, 2023 6:29AM ET
I'll tell you how it works. Crypto follows the stock market, and crypto is not a hedge against runaway inflation. It's that simple.
XRP Mar 07, 2023 8:06PM ET
XRP Mar 03, 2023 12:17PM ET
When? Why?
XRP Feb 24, 2023 9:13PM ET
And market meltdown it is
XRP Feb 22, 2023 9:52PM ET
XRP Feb 22, 2023 12:40PM ET
Sounds like you missed the boat!
XRP Feb 21, 2023 1:28PM ET
Stocks tanking today, crypto holding up. Hmm?
XRP Feb 20, 2023 10:25AM ET
My guess is sideways range action till spring '24, then the party starts! Next peak, late '25, early '26. I think the bottom is in unless we get another stock market meltdown or another FTX/SBF event. JMHO
XRP Feb 18, 2023 5:44PM ET
XRP Feb 16, 2023 9:43PM ET
Only if we see a major global stock market crash and another crypto market meltdown, perhaps another FTX/SBF moment.
XRP Feb 16, 2023 5:01PM ET
I'm guessing range bound for the next year, then the party starts around mid '24. Accumulate on the dips till the next major peak, around mid '25 to early '26. JMHO
XRP Feb 16, 2023 12:44PM ET
Total crypto market cap at a 6 month high today.
XRP Feb 16, 2023 12:15AM ET
Today I got the golden cross on the 50D/200D MA for total crypto global market cap. Best of luck to all holding long!
XRP Feb 14, 2023 8:57PM ET
XRP Feb 14, 2023 8:52PM ET
XRP Feb 04, 2023 10:38AM ET
This week I got the 50D/100D cross to the upside on the total global market cap. Also got the 30D/200D cross.