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Chris Sundo

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Comments by Chris Sundo
Ex-Tesla president sold stock worth $274 million since June 10 -SEC filing Jun 20, 2021 4:50AM ET
fully agree with you. ppl who act like trump have a downward trail coming
Australia: taking China to WTO over wine tariffs enables negotiations Jun 20, 2021 4:41AM ET
The world needs to act as ONE on this. China has zero right as a member of the WTO and other trade organizations to behave like a bull in the China shop, no pun intended. Rules must be applied even-handedly. Forget the opinion bots roaming this website.
Has Dust Settled After Fed Day? Not Just Yet Jun 17, 2021 8:30PM ET
Would be nice to get a little more confirmation of relativity or relatedness: ie. in the words 'Bottom Line: If the March-June advance (in the SPY and Q's presumably) is the initiation of a new bull phase in the aftermath of the August 2020 to March 2021 correction, then August gold selling'
S&P 500 in Red as Fed's Forecast for Sooner Liftoff Sours Sentiment Jun 16, 2021 7:46PM ET
' .. sours sentiment ..' -- the sentiment of a ***alright. What do you expect from a ***or its handlers? .. Caveat Emptor ..
Fed Meeting, U.K. Inflation, Crude and Biden/Putin Summit - What's Moving Markets Jun 16, 2021 6:31AM ET
WE NEED A SERIOUS SELL-OFF to the lower weekly Bollinger band, so we can rally into July 1st and then melt up into the summer
Stocks slide, yields jump as Fed projects earlier rate hikes Jun 16, 2021 6:18AM ET
What would that do? Can you please elaborate? Your explanation would really help in putting the last 13 years into better view. TIA - Thanks In Advance.
Stocks slide, yields jump as Fed projects earlier rate hikes Jun 16, 2021 6:15AM ET
This is the most falsified market of all time, AT ALL TIME HEIGHTS, based on what please? a bucket of smoke and mirrors. Where should the market go from here? -- Ridiculous! Jerome, be a man and clean this place up. You can't act like a wimp the rest of your life?
ECB to extend pandemic relief for banks by nine months: Bloomberg Jun 16, 2021 6:11AM ET
'pandemic relief for banks' . lmao .. This is the biggest fraud in the century: Banks get the money stuffed down their throats and they are truly ROLLING IN CASH as is evidenced by their recent price surge to dizzying heights. So now calling a 'pandemic relief' is the worst lie that Jerome Powell is tolerating. He is such a wimp. Get a grip on yourself, Jerome. Do what is right for a change instead of kissing a.. of Wallstreet.
U.S. boosts Taiwan's COVID-19 fight with vaccines as senators visit Jun 06, 2021 4:01PM ET
'Selling would include barter'?
U.S. boosts Taiwan's COVID-19 fight with vaccines as senators visit Jun 06, 2021 3:59PM ET
Wouldn't it be soo much easier to trade chips for vaxx or What Have You? -- Makes no sense that 'Donations' have to reach the news. Seems like a publicity stunt in favor of the donators. As if the world needs an education about which side non-conmunist, non-axis of countries are on
JPMorgan freezes donations to Republicans who contested 2020 election Jun 06, 2021 3:40PM ET
We need a full list of such Republicans. Where is the list? -- Obviously such Republicans can not be re-elected
German government agrees on reform for care homes May 30, 2021 1:04AM ET
Only when we can compare a BEFORE and AFTER list of procedures and interview patients and staff can you tell whether changes are really happening. Heaping more money on the care home admin and 'hoping' .. ends usually in taxpayer money not well spent. -- Mentioning the German 'subsidy to increase the pay for nursing staff and reduce the contributions of care home residents' here is supposedly to hint at Biden to do the same in the USA
Brazilians stage nationwide protests against President Bolsonaro's COVID response May 30, 2021 12:47AM ET
Bolsonaro was a Trump sympathizer. If that's not add-on proof that Americans should forget about Trump.
Remains of 215 children found at former indigenous school site in Canada May 30, 2021 12:44AM ET
'Christian churches (on behalf of Ottawa) from the 1840s to the 1990s'. -- Goes to show that Christian churches were/are not what they purport/ed to be. Any church condoning such behavior a.) is not worthy of being attended, and b.) should pay retroactively now for something that can never be made good or whole again. -- It's truly sad that 'Christian churches' did this to children .. a very very abusive behavior. -- The churches, it seems all of them, can't shake a pattern of abuse where priests are looked upon as people of trust. -- People should practice yoga at home, save the commute and the germ sharing, and do good for their own mind and soul than attend church and indirectly keep fostering self-serving institutions that abuse those in their care.
S&P 500 Falls for Second Week as Tech Stutters May 21, 2021 11:24PM ET
Since March I've been saying 'it's gonna be a sideways market until June'. After all, how can you have a '2nd half recovery' without the market going down first, in big swings?
Oil jumps on weather concerns in Gulf of Mexico May 21, 2021 11:07PM ET
OIL UP : I D K who is pranking about oil being up coz ERY, the Oil bear stock is up every time they say 'oil is up'  .. what a joke .. today ERY is down 0.06 cents and ERY is a 2x leverage stock. -- Is it really worth reporting that oil is up for 3 lousy cents?  LOL
JPMorgan's new CFO described as pensive Excel expert with a knack for mentoring May 21, 2021 11:21AM ET
'..complex issues and breaks them down into simple to-do's..' -- That's how I do things. Dunno how else you can do them complex issues. -- It DOES take a deep mind to 'see' the connection between formulas of a large Excel 'conglomerate' of work sheets  ;)
2 Value Stocks Setting Up For More Gains As Inflation Fears Spook Markets May 19, 2021 11:07AM ET
Mosaic is the company behind the Round-Up and Glyphosate deaths. IMHO ppl should vote with their wallet. Glyphosate cancer The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a research arm of the World Health Organization, in March said that glyphosate is a “probable” cancer-causing substance, or carcinogen. It’s a key ingredient in hundreds of crop-control agents and ****killers, such as Bronco, Glifonox, KleenUp, Ranger Pro, Rodeo, Roundup, and Weedoff.
Rudy Giuliani's son declares his candidacy for New York governor May 18, 2021 4:54PM ET
When your father is a crook, your family has all these crooked connections, you 'belong to' certain circles ... America needs to turn its back on the murky side ..
Wall Street closes lower as inflation jitters spark broad sell-off May 11, 2021 12:37PM ET
Tomorrow is the low ;)
Wall Street closes lower as inflation jitters spark broad sell-off May 11, 2021 12:35PM ET
What would we do without these well-timed sell-offs?
S.Korea's Moon says 'time to take action' on N.Korea ahead of summit with Biden May 10, 2021 3:45AM ET
The ball is clearly in North Korea's court. North Korea needs to show progress to achieve its own future.
Dogecoin loses third of price after Elon Musk calls it a 'hustle' on 'SNL' May 10, 2021 2:55AM ET
It's the truth. The same truth as when you sign on your broker's fine print: that there's no predicting the future and you must be prepared to lose it all, including the Alt-Coin exchange's CEO cleaning out all his customer's deposits at the peak in December 2018 while he and his founding biz partner mysteriously got lost in India; remember Mr. Gerald Cotton, whose founding business partner was a convicted US felon who specialized in identity theft and Mr. Cotton's wife who refused to aid the investigation into the disappearance of her husband in India with 215Million dollars of Alt-coin? Many ppl had hundreds of K of tax-paid dollars who practically went bust, just like the Turkish Alt-coin exchange owner recently took off with hundreds of millions of customers' deposits: Murphy's Law: If it CAN happen it sooner or later will.
Dogecoin loses third of price after Elon Musk calls it a 'hustle' on 'SNL' May 10, 2021 2:46AM ET
LOL re '..It’s a true social currency - that’s its value..' -- Talk to marijuana millionaires when Canada legalized its pot. That's when pot stocks had social currency too, with stored value. But the social value held for only for so long. -- What is a Social Value? It's just someone's opinion. Let's wait for reality to buy Teslas with ANY bitcoin/Alt-coin. Only Musk would carry such risks of wildly fluctuating prices tied to his flagship company
Olympics-Amid opposition, Japan PM says has "never put Olympics first" May 10, 2021 2:28AM ET
If future visitors to Japan don't have the brains to educate themselves about the history of infractions and the reality of what's happening then visitors should stay home and under their covers to let the pandemic and history wash over them, out of harm's way. Why insert yourself into unclean waters, irrad.iated earth and surrounding energies full of unre.pented history. You didn't know that Japan has been rewriting its history books about the ev.ils it com.mitted in Asia, did you? You didn't know that Germany's chancellor Merkel told the Japanese leadership during a visit to Japan to look deep into their soul and hearts to look for solutions to denying their historic actions against humanity. So, look for the truth or stay put before you hurt yourself.