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Lance Jepsen

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Comments by Lance Jepsen
3 Things Under the Radar This Week Jan 18, 2020 7:47PM ET
Trump initiated the conflict with China? Don't you know that China initiated the conflict years before Trump ever got into the White House. China started this shortly after it was accepted into the WTO in 2001. China gutted our entire manufacturing sector resulting in the loss of millions of jobs and the closings of thousands of factories. Please be a little smarter in your writings.
Excluding Huawei could hurt 5G network development: China envoy to EU Jan 27, 2019 7:34PM ET
This is bigger than that. China stole network tech from Canada and the US and is now using that tech to compete. Worse China is subsidizing Huawei to produce tech thats cheaper in order to gain advantage which is against WTO trade rules. Nothing is admirable or good or even hard working about Huawei that is using its tech to further track and enslave people under a brutal communist regime where it's leader made himself dictator for life.