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Markus Gabel

Joined: 09/02/16

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Markus Gabel completed his training as a certified financial adviser and has worked in the financial section since 2000. In the period following, he continued to improve his knowledge in the field of investment and the stock exchange. As a consequence, he developed a passion for trading foreign currency. In 2008, he continued to focus in particular on technical analysis and market technique across all markets. In September 2009, Markus Gabel took on an active role in the form of a blog for beginners and hobby traders at a large German financial portal. At the same time, he wrote a daily column about the most important currency pairs based on technical analysis. His explanations regularly reached thousands of readers. Nowadays, Markus Gabel administrates his own premium service called “Gabel’s market technique package”, in which he imparts practical understanding of market techniques to his customers. In this service, professional training for sustainable and replicable stock exchange trading has absolute priority. His trading approach is based on trend corrections, also referred to by him as ‘trading with the belle of the ball’. Furthermore, Markus Gabel prefers to trade based on reversal candles, especially in longer time frames. Markus Gabel is at home in the daily chart with signal providers from the weekly and monthly charts. Alternatively, he also enters into trades in the hourly chart. With this calm manner of trading, Markus Gabel addresses himself first and foremost at part-time traders who would like to manage their assets alongside their main occupation in a way that makes sense and is sustainable.

Trading Experience:    5 Years +
Trader Type:    Day Trader
Markets Traded:    Forex, Stocks, Indices, Futures, Bonds
Skill Level:    Professional
Favorite Trading Platform:    AGENATRADER By CAP Trader
Preferred Approach:    Technical


Preferred Trading Time Frame:    1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 1 hour, daily