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Dan Norcini

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Dan Norcini is a professional off-the-floor commodities trader bringing more than 25 years experience in the markets to provide a trader’s insight and commentary on the day’s price action. His editorial contributions and supporting technical analysis charts cover a broad range of tradable entities including the precious metals and foreign exchange markets as well as the broader commodity world including the grain and livestock markets. He is a frequent contributor to both Reuters and Dow Jones as a market analyst for the livestock sector and can be on occasion be found as a source in the Wall Street Journal’s commodities section. 

Trader Dan has also been a regular contributor in the past at Jim Sinclair's JS Mineset and King News World as well as may other Precious Metals oriented websites.

Dan started out trading part time learning the ropes in the school of hard knocks. He notably quips quite often that “the secret to making a small fortune trading commodities is to start out with a large fortune”! By that he means that there are many pitfalls to be both learned about and avoided if one is to be successful in the business. Dan’s notes that he has paid dearly for his education at Commodity U.

Leverage can both make you or break you if you do not learn to respect its power”, says Dan. “To be successful one must learn to never be dogmatic when approaching a market as they have an uncanny ability to make a fool out of you in no time whatsoever.

Dan is also an avid beekeeper. He has been raising bees for even longer than he has been trading commodities. 

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