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I am aware that each of you are very busy and I am honored that you take a little time out of your life to see what the <em><strong>"Power of the Pattern"</strong></em> might be suggesting on a daily basis. <strong>Just a reminder that I am not a <em>Bull or a Bear on any given asset!</em> </strong> I am of the belief that being "bullish or bearish" is nothing more than a psychological state of mind. It isn't a strategy. I attempt to find <em><strong>repeating patterns </strong></em>that have around a two-thirds chance of predictable results. <br /><br />No matter how hard I work I know I will be wrong a third of the time and  I am OK with that....yet I am <strong>not OK with "<em>Being wrong for long</em>!" </strong>My strategy that you see on the blog is called <em><strong>TB&M</strong></em>, which stands for <em><strong>"Tops, Bottoms and No Middles!"  </strong></em>I attempt to find quality <em><strong>"exhaustion and reversal"</strong></em> points in a broad array of assets. A close friend of mine that has been receiving my research for over 10 years calls the "<em>Power of the Pattern</em>" his <em><strong>"28-second advantage!"  </strong></em>What does he mean by this statement?  It takes him less than 28 seconds to see what action the "Power of the Pattern" is suggesting for him to take. I am of the belief the <em><strong>pattern should tell the story...not me!</strong></em> <br /><br /> Another reminder.... I am an Occam's Razor fan.  This theory suggests to <em><strong>"shave away"</strong></em> all <em><strong>unnecessary information not needed,</strong></em> when making decisions.

Markets Traded:    Stocks, Indices, Futures, Bonds
Preferred Approach:    Technical


Preferred Trading Time Frame:    daily, weekly, monthly


Favorite Trading Books:    John Murphy Robert Edward & John MaGee