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Pasquale began his trading career in 1999 as an intern in Barclays Capital’s GFI team, out from the Huron University in London. In 2001, he moved to NYC where he joined the Salmon Smith Barney MBA program. In 2002 he took a Master degree in Quantitative Finance at the European School of Economics, thereafter he joined the proprietary trading desk at Euromobiliare Sim, a major Italian Broker. Having worked 3 years within Euromobilare, Pasquale was hired by Banca Antonveneta, which at that time featured in the Italian top 10 financial institutions, to run their volatility trading book on the Italian market. In 2007 after the merger between Banca Antonveneta and Abn-Amro Galassi moved to Banca Aletti, Italian Banco Popolare’s investment division. From 2007 to 2010 Pasquale ran the volatility trading book on the Industrials and Telecommunications sector covering European, American and Asian stocks. In 2010 Galassi joined the team at Kairos Partners, a major Italian investment boutique, where he set up and run the volatility trading book on Italian Stocks and Indexes. In 2012 Pasquale set-up 77SigmaTrading s.r.l., a prop trading company based in Milan (Italy) and teamed up with Forex trading group Littlefish FX to establish an enhanced trading floor which now offers courses to train new proprietary traders.

Trader Type:    Trader
Preferred Approach:    Not Specific