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My name is Igor Rakhmanov. I live in Toronto, Canada. I am a microbiologist by degree but am currently running my own small business. I trade part time since 2000. I am a convinced follower of the technical analysis. During my trading years I tried many different trading techniques, simple and complex, from candlestick analysis to Neowave approach only to find out that basics of TA, support and resistance, trendlines, chart patterns work for my trading style best of all. Analyzing charts I pay attention to many things, keeping in mind though that a price is the only thing that pays. I am a swing trader and hold positions from one day to several months. I trade mostly options yet planning a trade I have to study a chart of the underlying security. In this blog I will share my thoughts and insights on the market and what I pay attention to when planning my trades,. I am also going to post some of my trades in real-time so readers could learn something useful from my successful or failed trades.

I enjoy studying charts, doing research and analysis of the market. In order to get all my knowledge of TA structured and also learn something new I enrolled in the CMT (Chartered Market Technician) Program in November 2011.

Educational Experience:
Canadian Securities Institute
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Canadian Securities Course, 2002

Affiliate Member: Market Technician’s Association (MTA), 2011

Passed the Charted Market Technician (CMT) Level 1 exam, May 2012

Trader Type:    Trader
Preferred Approach:    Not Specific