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Russell 2000 Starts New Upward Move. New Highs To Come? 28-08-2014 08:42
after a month, Russell 2000 has not broken my stop as shown in the 1st chart and is higher now as shown in this chart. So never say never
Russell 2000 Starts New Upward Move. New Highs To Come? 25-07-2014 11:27
that is why I have a stop level to protect me if I\'m wrong. So you are bearish RUT? what is your view?
Linkedin Shares Are Moving Lower Towards $185 20-03-2014 15:16
I\'m sorry about the title given to this article but it was not my choice, but of the editors. I\'m long term bullish in LNKD. Just read my analysis and you will see how wrong the title is.
Gold's Short-Term Weakness And A Pullback 18-03-2014 09:17
Even a correction towards $1,300-$1,280 could be justified after such a big upward move. Longer-term trend remains bullish as the double bottom pattern is very important and confirmed.
S&P Short Term Correction Is Over 13-03-2014 20:44
Did you read my article or are you judging from the title?? feel free to follow me on twitter as well to see live what I think about the market...below 1862 I expected yesterdays lows to be tested and if broken I saw 1844...These levels are also in the post you just criticized...lastly I also mentioned two main reasons I fear of a bigger degree correction...all mainstream financial websites are now using the slower growth in Asia reported earlier this morning as the reason behind this decline...I posted this before the market opened....thanks for reading....
Nikkei 225 Futures 13-03-2014 11:52
Do you still remain short 100%? or have you been stopped? has anything changed in your view?if you remain short, how far are you willing to hold on that position? SPX 1910?1960?2000?
DJIA: Preparing For The Pull Back 17-02-2014 09:27
will soon post my analysis. Be patient.
DJIA: Preparing For The Pull Back 14-02-2014 13:46
1770-60 is important support. If pull back does not break this level, then we will see 1900. Otherwise we will go to 1650
DJIA: Preparing For The Pull Back 14-02-2014 09:39
The point I want to say through my post is that the rise from recent lows is near its end. The indices are close to their resistance levels and a pull back is justified, so taking profits and reducing risk is my favorite strategy right now. Risk lovers could also try and go short. All my trades are timestamped through TWITTER in my exclusive for members account. Each month I post the results, All trades announced...product...time...size..direction...stop loss...target....
DJIA: Preparing For The Pull Back 13-02-2014 20:27
Astrology?whay astrology?are you reading something else?
DJIA: Preparing For The Pull Back 13-02-2014 20:23
do you have to say something usefull? if not better not talk....
DJIA: Preparing For The Pull Back 13-02-2014 12:58
Hello my friend!!!!
S&P Elliott Wave Analysis: Hitting All-Time Highs 19-11-2013 11:15
I don\'t think it will even test 1774...I see maximum decline towards 1784
Nikkei On The Verge Of A Breakout 14-11-2013 13:22
yes if support holds 14000 then we will see new highs
Gold To Fall To New Lows 15-10-2013 11:00
feel free to request one week free trial for my website services
Gold To Fall To New Lows 15-10-2013 08:09
yes correct...subscribers of my website have access to my trades...I have sold initialy at 1310 and then on signs of weakness at 1290 and at 1270
S&P Corrective Target 1666 26-09-2013 07:47
Yes you nailed it!! great job...hope that you profited from your expectation. Feel free to comment on my website
Who Has The Upper Hand In S&P Now? 16-09-2013 16:34
yes of course I know it...I also have a picture next to his name in the wall of fame in the museum at Karaiskakis....as far as the markets are concerned, I feel bearish also but will stay cash unless an important support fails....
Who Has The Upper Hand In S&P Now? 16-09-2013 16:31
yes of course I know it....I also have a picture next to his name inside the museum at Karaiskaki. As far as the markets are concerned...I have the same feeling...but unless I see some downward action, I will stay cash
U.S. Indices Near Short Term Bottom 28-08-2013 12:08
if you refer to the short term bottom I write about, I believe that for at least a week prices are going to bounce upwards towards 1670-80 spx. Once the low is in we should make an upward corrective move that would last a week or two. I expect from September 10th prices to resume downwards.
Dow, S&P 500 Bullish Momentum In Danger 26-03-2013 12:50
as long as this turbulance in Europe stays...the longer the market is going to rise and the more bears are going to get trapped by corrections they feel are the start of a new 2008 decline....
EUR/USD: New Low Ahead 11-01-2013 19:41
additionally my initial post as you can see in my site has questionmarks on the title, something that the editor here omitted.
EUR/USD: New Low Ahead 11-01-2013 19:33
did you read the article or just the headline....and after you read it, check the previous posts I made about eurusd..inside the post I mention that the bullish scenario is the most probable and that 1.3015 should be used for bulls stop and 1.3098 for bears....there you go....
Is Gold Getting Set To Test $1700? 31-12-2012 19:31
I'm glad you liked it...feel free to follow my posts in my website. comments are welcomed and would love discussing similar topics.
SPX Needs To Break Resistance Now Or It Will Fall Harder 14-11-2012 21:20
thank you for your kind words, please feel free to visit my blog and become a follower. don't hesitate to comment and ask me anything you want regarding the markets.