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Bitcoin and Ethereum lower amid fall in cryptocurrency adoption rate 13-07-2017 19:32
Take it from someone who is threatened by Bitcoin- they hope it will not succeed so they can continue to plunder us.
BTC/USD 19-06-2017 04:38
Buy Bitcoin as a protest against the Banks and elite!\n
Silver 22-04-2016 16:56
Deutsche Bank was caught manipulating silver and will reveal who else is. Buy silver especially physical.
Silver 22-04-2016 16:54
Deutsche Bank was caught illegally manipulating silver, they are going to reveal who else is doing so. Buy silver especially physical.
Silver 01-10-2014 04:09
Dollar will hit new highs. Stock market bull is not over.
Silver 28-09-2014 22:54
It will go above 100. Silver will not do well in 2014. Cost average your buying. if it goes above 110 or 120 do not worry about cost averaging any more. otherwise buy palladium.
Silver 28-09-2014 22:51
It will go above 100.
Silver 23-09-2014 03:05
The USA will prevail over ISIS and silver will not go up this year. Do not buy contracts or margin. I would not short either. palladium will do better than silver.
Silver 18-09-2014 03:30
Do not margin or buy silver or gold contracts. t will trade sideways or even go down Palladium, stocks and the dollar will do well. Keep silver physical to protect long term in case of problems in money system which will probably come in a few years. We have 2 good years left for stocks.\n
Silver 17-09-2014 16:27
Silver and gold will not make anyone money this year. Palladium will outperform them as well as stocks.
Palladium 15-09-2014 01:11
It was just overbought- this is normal action. it is still in its trading range and still bullish.
Silver 28-08-2014 20:11
Accumulate small denominations in physical silver- do not spend to much at any one time. Palladium will do better in 2014. Silver will do better in 2015. I see sideways action so far until into 2015. Silver and gold will protect your net value in the case of economic problems or currency devaluations. Do not short silver and do not buy on margin or buy contracts.
Silver 26-08-2014 17:05
Silver and gold will only protect you if you buy physical and store it in a secure place- buying contracts or margining is just gambling and will not be profitable in 2014. This is a good year to slowly accumulate physical in small portions such as coins and 1 oz bars. Palladium is doing much better- maybe you could play with palladium. Palladium should pass $1000 by the end of the year.
Silver 12-08-2014 20:15
Silver will do better in 2015.\n
Silver 12-08-2014 20:13
Silver will be sideways for longer time. I do not expect any rise. may go down more. good time to accumulate physical silver but not on margin.
Silver 22-07-2014 17:45
Buy physical silver and gold. Silver will outperform gold. Palladium will pass $1000 by year\'s end. Do not short silver and gold and do not margin or buy contracts. Metals have been manipulated-buying physical is the way to stop the manipulation. SLVO is a good dividend play in limited quantities along with physical holdings. PSLV is better than SLV for etfs.
Silver 22-07-2014 17:41
Do not short silver or gold but do not buy on margin or use risky investments. physical is the best way to go for plain silver. SLVO is a good dividend play. Silver will outperform gold. Palladium will pass $1000 by years end.
Silver 17-07-2014 14:17
Buy long term silver investments. Short term or contracts and margining of silver still risky. Physical silver is the best investment because there is a limited supply of silver. Silver will outperform gold. We could still see more downside to silver yet but 2015 should be a good year for silver.
Silver 17-07-2014 14:13
Long term buying is good now but short term buying or contracts and margin buying is still risky. Buy physical silver- there seems to be a lot of paper silver and contracts but physical silver may be less than we thought. Silver will outperform gold. palladium will go past $1000.
Silver 10-07-2014 14:26
Dollar will continue up but the effect on silver and gold will be temporary. do not take big risks buying metals but in long term it ( especially silver) will go up.
Silver 10-07-2014 14:24
Dollar will get stronger. It may initially dampen metals but not for long.
Silver 10-07-2014 01:53
Buy physical, do not margin or take big risks with silver or gold. Later after August silver will outperform gold.
Silver 08-07-2014 03:45
Put money away in these good or better times. These days of making easy money will not last much longer. Silver might be a wise way to hold it but in physical or at least partly. In 2014 China will start to crumble as well as the euro and money will be harder to make. Any natural disasters will add to the hard times but good times or even better times will return and large institutions that do not have charity will become weak and fall. Large institutions will become hard to manage unless they have the common man at heart. Small silver coins may help the common man hold their wealth.
Silver 08-07-2014 03:39
Accumulate physical silver and gold.
Silver 08-07-2014 03:38
Buy silver on any dips between now and August then ride it up. Do not take big risks with gold and silver. Palladium will continue up. Silver will outperform gold. Buy stocks on dips. Do not margin silver or gold for a while..