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<a href="" target="_blank">HORAN Capital Advisors</a> is a registered investment advisory firm focusing on long-term client relationships. Our investment approach is built on the development of customized investment portfolios for our clients with the foundation consisting of higher quality large capitalization equities. Around this foundation we add exposures to potentially risker asset classes, like small cap and mid cap stocks in an effort to add incremental return over the long run. Our fixed income portfolios are constructed utilizing the same philosophy. Alternative investments are incorporated in our client portfolios in an effort to minimize the negative effects of downside returns. <br />&nbsp; <br />Developing portfolios to meet client objectives takes the discipline to listen to our clients in order to understand appropriate risk and return expectations.&nbsp; By design, our active approach incorporates all aspects of planning, including generational wealth transfer strategies, charitable and tax efficient investment planning and risk management solutions.

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