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Todd Sohayda   

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Todd Sohayda's Opinion & Analysis
A complete archive of Todd Sohayda's articles, including current analysis & opinion.

LONG-term chart. Dow Jones Industrial Average Quarterly time frame showing a 3/10macd fast line potentially crossing the slow line (bar ends at the end of the month). Not something that happens very ...
Gold has been choppy (coiling) but the higher time frame 3d criteria could still be in play coming out of May.
Gold higher time frame on roll over watch. After the potential for a 3d long criteria waned (losing steam at the weekly 50MA and monthly 20MA) we have the potential for a breakdown Similar to the way...
Gold Monthly Cautious of a roll-over on the higher time frame after tagging initial target. Price needs to stabilize at 1197-1217 support for further upside.
3d criteria setup on the Copper daily time frame.Primary target is back to previous resistance and through the daily 50-day MA ($3.1055).
Off of previous post: Primary achieved but weekly chart has yet to trigger a monthly time frame entry.
Lowest selling momentum since 2012.  Trend intact.  Coming in to support.  $182, $177, $169.  $192 above. '3d' criteria setup on Gold Daily time frame.  Initial target 1245.50.  $1273 above big ...
SPDR S&P 500 (ARCA:SPY) - within $0.07 of primary target SPDR DJ Industrial Average (ARCA:DIA) - Lower high or base to break? PowerShares QQQ (NASDAQ:QQQ) -  $0.05 from primary.  Kind of ...
S&P 500: has a weekly primary target of $194.68 SPDR DJ Industrial Average (ARCA:DIA): since the higher time frame (upper indicator) has a FL < SL and the weekly time frame's fast line ticked down ...
SPY Trending Lower
By Todd Sohayda - May 15, 2014
The move lower was triggered yesterday afternoon in most of the majors.(ARCA:SPY) - "2b top" potential with a close lower, though I'm not certain if it would be under $186 or < $181.50 that would ...