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Graham Summers is Chief Market Strategist for Phoenix Capital Research.&nbsp; Graham combines macro-economics, value investing, technical analysis, and geopolitics to present investors with original, globally-minded investment strategies that outperform the markets while minimizing risk, both quantifiable and unquantifiable.<br /><br />In the last five years, Graham has predicted<br /><br />1. The Sub-prime housing bust (July 2006)<br /><br />2. The Collapse in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (August 2006)<br /><br />3. Gold to go to new all-time highs<br /><br />4. The 2007-09 Recession (November 2007)<br /><br />5. The Autumn Crash of 2008 (July 2008)<br /><br />6. Gold to hit $2000 per ounce (November 2008)<br /><br />7. Global Sovereign Debt Defaults (December 2009)<br /><br />8. The breakup of the Euro-zone (December 2010)<br /><br />9. The resurgence of Deflation in 2011 (July 2011)<br /><br />And more.<br /><br />His research and views have been noted in The New York Post, Crain&rsquo;s New York Business, Fox Business News, CNN Money, RollingStone Magazine, and The Glenn Beck Show.<br /><br />

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