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Marc Chandler

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Russia: What Cost Victory? 03-06-2014 10:48
BL, which facts am I distorting. My firend, you have not cited a single one.
Russia: What Cost Victory? 02-06-2014 21:26
Serge Bl confuses me for a journalist. I am not. I am a strategist. I am biased. It is called an argument. I argue that the cost of Russia\'s actions are greater than it expected and greater than many observers seem to appreciate.
Russia: What Cost Victory? 02-06-2014 21:24
Segei Bl confuses me with a journalist. I am a strategist. I have a bias. It is called an argument. I am arguing that Russia's apparent success has greater costs that it realized and many observers seem to understand.
Russia: What Cost Victory? 02-06-2014 17:59
Anna, I ma not sure where the chip on your shoulder comes from, but the piece was not about the US. It was about the cost of Russia's actions. I fail to see how your comment relates to the analysis I provided. You sinmply want to bash the US. That is your right, but why not simply write your own comment rather than contribute something that is, well , an non sequiter. he topic I chose to write about was the weekend event in a Russian-client state and the cost of its annexation of Crimea. That the Us uses military force and has a presence in the Black Sea or was active in Libya and Iraq does not shed any light on the issue at hand.
Catalonia: Much To Do About Nothing And Everything 23-11-2012 11:56
I disagree with nothing you said or vice versa. It is not clear that Madrid will renegotiate the tax issue as a consequence of the election and the attempt to blackmail the country by pushing for a referendum. Mas raised the tax issue befoer the election. Indeed tha tis what spurred his snap election call. Rajoy was not negotiatinig. Yes, in the US I am familar with fiscal transfers and note that the poorest parts of the US are the old south that tried leaving the union nearly 150 years ago. Bavaria in Germany says its tied of apying for poor parts of Germany, like Berlin, but it is not seeking independence.