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Week Ahead: What Does The Brexit Result Mean For Markets? 20-06-2016 04:04
Brynjar -- thanks for taking the time to comment. Encouragement is helpful:)\n\nJeff
The Week Ahead: Is Minimal Jobs Growth Big News For Stocks? 06-06-2016 14:38
Brad -- I agree that it is worth monitoring. One reason I included it is my guess that many might think it is already declining....\n\nJeff
Is The Market Cheap? Three Things You Need To Know About Valuation, But 12-05-2016 14:07
Vinoda -- I am not "ignoring" negative indicators. I merely have pointed out that many are not using them in the way intended by the developers. Also there is another side.. . Which indicators do you follow and when is the last time you got a buy signal? :). . Thanks for reading and commenting.. . Jeff
The Week Ahead: Is The Fed Behind The Curve? 23-06-2014 03:12
Thanks, Mark!
The Week Ahead: Is A Market Breakout Finally On The Way? 08-06-2014 21:55
Angela - -I can\'t provide any special help on this topic. Sorry -- Jeff
The Week Ahead: Will We Finally Get Clarity From The Market? 01-06-2014 19:22
Thanks for the kind words, and I am delighted that your article was accepted.\n\nJeff
Update On Greece: Were Investor Fears Warranted? 21-04-2014 15:53
Thanks, Umbeluzi. True enough. I get to pick my issues more carefully. Meanwhile, most people move from one worry to another:)\n\nJeff
The Week Ahead: Fluff Or Fundamentals? 06-04-2014 15:56
Thanks, Nathan!
The Week Ahead: Fluff Or Fundamentals? 06-04-2014 15:50
Thanks, Nathan!
Week Ahead: Can Investors See Beyond The Bubble Machine? 17-11-2013 21:26
Thanks, Umbeluzi. Glad you found it helpful.\n\nJeff
The Week Ahead: Expect Volatility, Not Clarity 03-09-2013 00:43
Sorry about the typo concerning Congressional return from recess. It obviously was not on 9/2, Labor Day, nor did that fit the theme. It should be 9/9 -- with some debate to follow.\n\nI thought I fixed this in time for the feed, so I apologize to readers.\n\nThanks,\n\nJeff
The Week Ahead: Is This A Tipping Point? 10-06-2013 02:17
Hi Jeff,\n\nThanks for the kind words. My handle is: @dashofinsight\n\nJeff
The Week Ahead: Is This A Tipping Point? 09-06-2013 22:10
And thank you for the encouragement. This is a regular feature for me -- most weekends.\n\nJeff