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Kay Kim   

Joined: 23/10/15


What motivates you to be a trader?
I love this game. This job is unlike any other in this world. The complexity of this market and the requirement of one's fortitude, it fascinates me.
What have you determined to be your goal(s) for trading?
There is always chaos in the market; sometimes it can be seen as impossible task to figure it out. My job/goal is to find order & rhythm within that chaotic environment, and in that process, there is beauty.
How much time each day you dedicate to trading?
I don't day trade (ever), so it varies but no more than 30-mins each day.
Which kind of returns do you expect to make?
I expect about 30-50% return on a yearly basis, but as long as I can beat the market (S&P 500's annual return), I am content.
What is your trading methodology?
What is your daily pre-market (before trading) routine?
None - I careless about the pre-market and post-market action
What is the best thing about trading?
No employees, no inventory, it's just me and the market =)
What is the most important lesson that you have learned in your trading?
Trading is one of those things that it's extremely difficult to master. It probably was one of the most challenging thing I have ever faced in my entire life, but it taught me great lessons through the experience. It's exceedingly rewarding that I could be part of this market and have passion for this game and get paid well while doing it.