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Webinar Transcripts

Forecasts for 2012 Through Algorithms
By Sankaran Sivaraman - Jan 26, 2012
Attend this interactive webinar to learn how to apply forecast algorithms to better derive the expected market moves for the year 2012.  Time frames for the upward and downward moves on the ...
Harmonic Price patterns with PRO XTB Strategy from Entry to Exit
By Omar Arnaout - Jan 26, 2012
In this expert analyst, Omar Arnaout's webinar, he  discussed the PRO XTB strategy as a strategy based on harmonic price patterns and fractals. It is a strategy that is based on market geometry ...
Behind the Scenes of the Forex Market
By Boris Shuel - Jan 26, 2012
Many people do not know it, but the Forex market is not exactly the way it looks.It all looks the same but under the surface there are as many differences that almost equal the amount of brokers ...
Technical Patterns and the Psychology Behind Japanese Candlesticks
By Bastian Rubben - Jan 26, 2012
In this webinar expert analyst Bastian Rubben went through the common patterns that most traders look for, such as: Head & Shoulders, Cup& Handle. Bear/bull flag, double bottom/top. We will ...
My Favorite Forex Trading Strategies
By Bastian Rubben - Jan 26, 2012
   In this webinar expert Analyst Bastian Rubben discussed the trading techniques he uses in the forex market. Among the various topics he will cover are common mistakes he made in the ...
7 golden rules for the novice trader
By Bastian Rubben - Jan 26, 2012
This webinar is about golden rules that every trader, beginner or experienced has to follow. We will go through basic trading systems; find out what is the appropriate leverage a trader should use, ...
Sharpening Your Edge series: Money Management and the Power of Probability
By Andrei Knight  - Jan 26, 2012
The best trading strategies in the world will be of little help if you are not managing your money correctly.  Leading hedge fund manager and trading coach Andrei Knight will show you how to ...
Sharpening Your Edge Series: The "Smart Stop" System
By Andrei Knight  - Nov 29, 2011
This month leading fund manager and trading coach Andrei Knight will show you how to tighten up your stops without adding risk.  You will be shown how to choose stops that are appropriate for ...
Sharpening Your Edge Series: Essential Candlestick Patterns
By Andrei Knight  - Nov 28, 2011
Predict where price is likely headed next using the only 6 candlestick patterns you will ever need to know.  No more memorizing dozens of formations with cryptic, foreign names!  Just ...
Price Action
By Navin Prithyani - Aug 28, 2011
With the markets changing everyday, trading systems and EA's are becoming obsolete. The market no longer caters to a 20-30 pip stop loss. A trader should always know when to cut his/her losses short ...