The Gold Symposium

Start: Nov 14, 2011 07:00AM (GMT-4:00)
End: Nov 15, 2011 07:00AM (GMT-4:00)
Crystal Palace, Luna Park, 1 Olympic Dr, Milsons Point,
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Price: Early Ticket $199.00, Delegate Ticket $299.00

The Gold Symposium 2011, Sydney

"Fiat money has no place to go but gold."  Alan Greenspan, 15 September 2010

Australia is the world’s #2 gold producer and the Gold Symposium is a must-attend for anyone who wants to understand what’s happening in gold and silver, and why.

The 2-day event will be held at Sydney’s Luna Park on 14 and 15 November 2011, featuring presentations by world-renowned precious metals and monetary experts and gold mining company CEOs.  No other event offers this combination in Australia.  It’s what you need to understand the ongoing global monetary crisis, make the right investment decisions in this still largely ignored sector, and get in before the rush.

Hear the keynote address from the highly-respected and successful Eric Sprott, Chairman, CEO, and Portfolio Manager of Sprott Asset Management, Toronto, Canada.

With over 35 years in the investment industry, Mr Sprott is unquestionably one of today’s precious metals investing heavyweights and manages over US$8 billion.  He accurately foresaw the current monetary crisis, the collapse of world markets in 2008, and he’s been correct on the outlook for gold and silver since they bottomed in 1999-2000.

Our other experts include:

Mr James Dines, the ‘Original Goldbug’ and author of The Dines Letter, San Francisco, USA returns to Sydney in 2011.  The Dines Letter has been ranked #1 newsletter worldwide many times by Timer Digest.  Mr Dines has been explaining the consequences of reckless western monetary policy to the investing public since the late 1960s.  His recent calls have included the uranium and rare earths bull markets.  Gold, he says, is in a super major bull market.

Ben Davies, CEO of Hinde Capital, London, UK.  Ben Davies, CEO of Hinde Capital, London, UK.  With over 17 years experience within Financial and Commodity markets, Ben is considered a leading expert in the precious metal sector, and his views on global economic issues and markets are widely cited by the financial press.  He is a frequent commentator on CNBC, Bloomberg, KingsWorld News and the FT.  Hinde Gold Fund has proven itself to be an exemplary performer in the precious metals sector.  It’s your opportunity to hear one of the top fund managers in the precious metals and macro arena discuss his views and answer your questions.

Louis Boulanger, monetary expert, actuary, and director of LB Now, Auckland, NZ.  Louis is currently Council Chair of Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®).  Louis has an in-depth understanding of monetary history and the nature of money.  These complex subjects are essential for understanding the action in gold and silver, and Louis makes them easy to master.

Dan Denning, editor of The Daily Reckoning newsletter, Melbourne.  Dan is a seasoned contrarian commentator on the markets and the economy.

Dr David Evans, mathematician and MD of GoldNerds, Perth.  David will present an easy-to-use tool that runs the numbers on all ASX-listed gold/silver companies, helping you make sense of a bewildering amount of information when making your investment decisions.

Laurie McGuirk, CEO of AuAg Capital, Sydney.  Laurie knows as well as anyone the positions – or rather, the lack of them – that Big Money has taken in the Australian gold/silver mining sector.  Hear Laurie’s talk to understand why the big move in this sector lies ahead.

Up to 60 ASX-listed gold and silver miners will make presentations and run display booths in the venue.  Hear the presentations, then talk direct to the management themselves.

Will include the Australian Bullion Company, Perth Mint, Bullion Management Group, GoldNerds, and GoldOz.

A panel session will wrap the proceedings up each day with our experts and the miners discussing the hottest topics.

The Gold Symposium 2011 offers you the chance to find out about the forces behind this historic gold and silver bull market, and the opportunities that exists in bullion and precious metals stocks.

“Gold will go to a figure equal to all foreign debt of the USA divided by the number of ounces that the US is assumed to have.  This is how you can calculate the potential price.”  Jim Sinclair, the world’s largest gold trader in the last great gold bull market
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