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sold dip bought in the morning - I don't get why NQ is so strong lol
Pump to 23
Retrace to 14.3x so I can short S&P500 again
Alright done for day and done for the week, sold 7k BAC at 27.75 sharp - it really should be worth 31-33 but can't argue with the zoo for now, bought 6k UPRO at gap 4324.7 and sold 4342. Monday should have 40 pts move, just don't know which direction lol.... another adventure in the zoo, time for kids and weekend fun lol
14/15 target
okie dokie sold my bonds, it rises more than what I planned today so no point to hold over weekend - Monday is often weak for bonds. What's ridiculous since FOMC is, the narrative is trying to scare inflation away (and possibly some ccy/geopolitical considerations), while yesterday bonds dropped more than NQ (!!!!???). And today NQ rises with bonds, and financial got sold. Isn't the only weakness against my poor BAC is its AFS portfolio???
Nice slow day watching bonds slowly rise, bought 5k BAC. TLT could be weak Monday but it's something I am comfortable holding for 3-5 years in worst case scenario despite my target horizon is only till next Friday lol. In and out of 100 UPRO just to play as not clear today is up or down haha
sold BAC at 28.03 sharp for a nice 500 bucks breakfast, wait to load again
Loaded back my poor BAC 5250 shares haha - the best financial stock that has been pounded like a sandbag for 6 months now lol
VIX 17.24 @ 04:00 PM ET tick!
V X 17.48 @ 04:00 PM ET Tick!
Remember - it is the LAST time to safely buy the dip, whether 4330 or 4280 or 4170. The market will really crash when Fed finally has no choice but to cut rates regardless of inflation. If July was the final hike, market would peak in November-December and crash to 3500ish. If Fed hiked again in November/December, market would peak in Q1 next year and crash to 3000 or below right before the election. And Fed will cut rate to 0-2% over 2 months :o)
okie dokie done for the day, tonight emini will go down further. Plan to hold my bonds till 9/29 or 10/2 (ex-dividend 30 cents). Let's see whether 4330 or 4280 print tomorrow. SPX should be tomorrow or Monday, who knows - nor do I care lol
17 top of range
vix down start now trg 14. market reversal up fast move possible
Loaded 7k TLT. Don't think Fed can hold at 5.5 for one year, not to mention 20-30 years lol
added to 8k - let's see how gov shutdown plays out - will add more Monday if bonds continue to sell, but it's pretty much it. 2-10-20-30Y hits 5.2 (Fed holds for 2 years), 10Y 4.5, 20Y 4.76, 30Y 4.57 ----- that is, a bulletproof economy for 20 years haha. SPX is a dilemma, not clear whether a 2 days sell or 3, bought 200 UPRO to wet my toes lol
2-10-30Y 5.17-4.4-4.43, give me another 3-7bps plus a margin squeeze by tomorrow morning please! Do it!
Bought 5k upro dip at 2:05pm and sold at 2:27pm.... now let's see lol
Okie, overnight will be down and I will buy dip tomorrow. Done for the day lol - made 80% of the profit over 22 mins haha
Bought 10k upro and sold right before 2pm (it did not turn at 2pm to my surprise :-). Kept 5k BAC - it sort of became a meme stock LoL and many many short sellers. Watch TLT dropped like a stone after 1pm, and NQ sort of ignoring it - anyway, nothing really matters before FOMC
okie, closed my BAC as well, emini overnight looks down and I need to know if 4.36 was for real - done for the day
FedRes prop desk just hit the derivatives brrrr button. Sweet.
Keep pumping vix up for profit
done for the day, traded TLT, UPRO, BAC and AAPL and traded small - AAPL 180 is about as good as it can go before it's sales became clear. Overnight 30Y 4.465 flash!!!!!!! and down over cash session, someone must know something I don't know lol. Probably no big moves before FOMC - watching 15370 as always. VX should make new low by Wednesday EOD
i know you willenter agan 100 % sure.. belive me
Vix has more gap up… expect 16 on Monday
oh yeah appl 177! remember aapl 173 is a buy now, but it will go below 135 over time haha - selling aapl now lol, 1.5% is good
hahaha bought 5k upro at 10:28 and sold now, 10mins for 23cents - below 15370 again... NQ pumpers can try again and again, you have till next Wednesday to do it!
okie dokie done for the day and for the week... let's see where the market is by Wednesday EOD - the zoo is always fun haha final 3 hours witching too many players with an agenda - better sitting on good old cash as always lol
12$ probably next stop , but there all inn
Why not all in now? 52 week low already
interesting price action, dax up with ECB hike, good retail, good job, high ppi, appl rebound - 173 is about 10% off, about right. In other words, NQ is equivalent to 15700 with 190 AAPL - but but but, it still can't clear 15370 yet haha
very interesting, was expecting a day like this next Wednesday but not today, looks like it can't wait - now it's about 15800+ with old aapl, let's see if AAPL can break 177 or 180 in the next week or so
today -3 or -4 again