S&P 500 Futures - Jun 22

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  • Bid/Ask:
  • Day's Range:
    3,898.25 - 3,949.50
  • Type:Index Future
  • Underlying:S&P 500

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  • No Santa Claus rally. No 4800 by year end. Bull era is dead. Biden will go down presiding over an anemic, hapless market riddled with ever increasing inflation, debt, and currency devaluation. A complete market failure just like his presidency.
    • kind of a loozer
    • Been buying the dips on shorts all year…not my best play. Sold all losses today and bought back in about an hr later with a 1% profit so far. If this blows up it was a great play for tax advantages. If not, I’m still holding my bear flag in a field of bulls. Fingers crossed I don’t get ran over.
    • look at this redhat insurrectionist