S&P 500 Futures - Dec 22

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    3,645.75 - 3,770.50
  • Type:Index Future
  • Underlying:S&P 500

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  • We are now SHORT all major markets, with a stop loss at S&P 1850, and an expected loss of most world markets between 30-36%.
    • What american companies? There are only headquarters left here with secretaries and programmers and all production and manufacturing is already in China. Only companies making profit are parasites like banks and hedge funds who basically create no value for society and are just moving worthless paper back and force pretending that it has some value
    • Jake, Don't confuse the government with the stock market they are two different things. The fear that people have about the market is created by gold salesmen they use every trick in the book to sell their metal. Fear is their main tool. Watch now as fear fades and the price of gold drops like a rock.
    • I'll wait a bit to go short. Just want to see how price is acting around the 127.2% fib extension (= around 1837) The fib period is taken from 10/2007-03/2009. Think we will go slightly higher first. Think the bonuses are not calculated yet...