S&P 500 Futures - Sep 22

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  • Bid/Ask:
  • Day's Range:
    3,741.25 - 3,825.00
  • Type:Index Future
  • Underlying:S&P 500

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  • Laundry list of things that point to this being a top, here within a few days.... 1. Volume... April move up, May-June rally had good volume... this one doesn't... 2. RSI Divergence... Lower RSI, Higher SPX in July... 3. VIX divergence... Higher VIX, Higher SPX... 4. DIX has just plummeted last few days, this suggests a major drop... 5. Put-call ratio near 6 year lows... comparable to Jun lows... 6. Weaker seasonality starting 1-2 days, especially for Tech... Till today was the 12 day Bullish period from end of June...
    • Great call yesterday! Good stuff here, thanks!
    • shouldn't SPX go up when DIX plummets?
    •  No, it is the other way around from what i've read... In fact when DIX is 50+, SPX is almost 100% up NEXT day...