S&P 500 (SPX)

  • Open:
  • Day's Range:
    3,909.37 - 3,981.35
  • 52 wk Range:
    3,810.32 - 4,818.62

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  • I think today will be green, although I am a BEAR. But Trump pump will take over. So in 1 hour we will se a rally like only Trump can do.
    •  Third option: multi-payer Universal healthcare (Australia, Germany, France; much less disruptive, low tax cost, leverageable to regulate better than single-payer); Social Security made permanently-solvent by Negative Income Tax (NIT implemented as a Social insurance, OASDI calculates the normal benefit and pays the difference between that and the monthly NIT payment; NIT rises faster than inflation when fed by an unchanging-rate tax on personal AGI and corporate net profits). Bernie wants to tax tax tax and make everything a government-run business.
    • like CANADA
    • what do you think of Michael Moore's documentary "SICKO" in health care in other countries..France amazes me how long new mothers get for maternity leave $$$.. there needs to be a paradigm shift in the USA...corporatism rules and special interest. it will be very difficult to get the 1% to give up their platinum lines pockets.