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send me one lac dollar credit
successful trading
Da BULL will hav a happy weekwnd ...
Retail again losers who never shorted before have lost it all while shorting
Is it too much to ask Powell to speak every day
Instant Veees....very close to collapse now.....destiny.....sweetest Niagara evah seen..... LOL
Something WICKED this way comes. It will come like a thief in the night.
I think its robbing you in broad daylight
Da BULL his slipping/sleeping ???
Pump scam cornered no exit....soon no bids and closures..... LOL
When the bulls get turkey for Thanksgiving, the bears get it for Christmas!
Daily option expirations have truly ruined the markets. VIX at an all time low, you know…because the world is so secure and safe right now.
Close was month end scammery , nothing new ...maybe no bids in the morning to get it all back much cheaper...same old games just end of month marking up the books. its ok just pay with fake dollars for fake valued paper. Literally no one cares...about valuation lololol
I'm always right
Someone explain what’s going on every time the S&P has momentum down. The Dow jumps up and kills it. The money is rotating the dividend stocks, or what?
no s:it
The bonds market is sinking hard today.(30yrs 117'224 to 116'080) DJ stocks are the lesser of bonds issuers vs SP500 . Top looser is Nasdaq with many casflow negative Co.
t bills sold to banks as reserves, banks loan fake new reserves to hedge funds, hedge funds leverage t bills 12x1 and presto you get madhouse liquidity...all to get biden reelected. If enough blows up welcome to 1929 faster than you can blink.
Hi guys..
Trading is a good idea at time
Really?! Wow. I think a lot people in here didn't know about it...
Starting early is the best way getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority.The stock market has plenty of opportunities to a decent payouts, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works
America = 3rd world 🤣