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  • loss = manipulation. profit = truth. LOL..
    • no, the manipulation thats going on is pretty real, prove me otherwise. tell me the reasons of Dow going up without any significant downmoves since april and justify the current price. without using the “looking into the future” thing (the march crash couldve just happened in january then. or december when corona started. i mean look into the future and predict it, lol!) or the “hopes” thing (there werent any real positive hopes&news back in april-may). also answer me please, is the situation overall rn better than, for example, 2019? there will be a time when this crisis ends and the need for such manipulation as current will be gone, march gonna seem light then. im just sayin...
    • Yes I understand your points. I am just laugh somebody's comment before us. If he/she knows that there is manipulation, why he/she is willing to trade? Besides, trust me, most people when they get loss, they will say manipulation.
    • Yes, I agree with you. I know the data, condition is "no supporting reason" that green all the time, even all time high..