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Hoping for green monday
In last shutdown during 2018 3000 piont minus before shutdown and during shutdown 3000 points were covered in 4 days
carrying 8 lots33575 avg
34615 first then think down or up still then keep silent or stay away from short to save your capital
nothing confirm. Just wait tonight to see what happens
33000 confirm
Big crash ahead on monday
Sir yes sir. Starting from 4% crash to 10% crash lmao
Green Monday.
Joe, Wayne, Dave, GT .... is ir me or was this a really odd September? It finished right where you would expect it to but rather than selling off into expiry ... it did it after it. What say you gents?
Here's the skinny: Too many cross currents in September. Joey was spot on with his calls, which means GT was :). Dave is a perpetual short, with realistic acknowledgement that bounces do occur. I follow Joey's lead, with a 70 point delay...
September was a mixed bearish month with the volatility who gives some pressure and at the same time calmed down. that means the prices didn't fall at the speed we looked for and that make me think that October could be the beginning of significant bounce on short term towards 35600 from 33200 becoming by the way a significant short term bottom. just my thoughts.
Yes, September was definitely an outlier. I believe partially due to the imbalances in the Treasury Market. As you know since mid 2022 the yield curve has inverted a phenomenon that has always signaled a contraction and more significantly recession. At the beginning of September the curve began to re-invert. It is my belief the equities markets as taken this as a sign that higher for longer could be much higher for much longer. Keep your powder dry. This will run its course be aware that the first bite of the apple is the biggest. In other words what I see as a 10% rally 5-7% will occur in days and should originate from the 30,800 level.
Say good bye to Perfect Trader for me He will be gone by Monday
I said it before and I'll say it again TMI
Market closed. Have a great weekend
thanks. it' was great.
expiry moves.. totally legit
Last tip for my followers next week u will Make more money ever u taught of making just keep sell postion Gl to Sellers and buyer F off
who I buying this tatti index
33450 to 33600 🤣🤣🤣 TP 33700
whatta CON JOB
again 33570. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Had fantastic week Total won 5340k usd appox still 20k lots intact will cut Monday
happy for you 🎉
I see the paid shill MariaMan is back posting deceptive lies You can't block this unethical slime fast enough.
I am waiting 33700 😱😱
all buy orders are being filled
now have 8