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Why is STI still near bottom? They got vaccine delivered recently.
Why is STI still near bottom? They got vaccine delivered recently?!
i like this, gonna up
Asian Oil Trading Legend Files For Bankruptcy After Hiding $800 Million In Losses, Secretly Selling Loan Collateral
biggest downfall start Microsoft,apple,amazon, then alphabet class a and c, intel,Facebook,pepsico, Cisco, Netflix
biggest downfall start Microsoft,apple,amazon, then alphabet class a and c, intel,Facebook,pepsico, Cisco, Netflix
today biggest downfall start Microsoft,apple,amazon, then alphabet class a and c, intel,Facebook,pepsico, Cisco, Netflix
Tech companies are among the least affected lei. There will always be a demand for digital products, no matter the storm.
Asanko Gold Inc. AKG,,Initiated at Buy Rating by Berenberg.
wow, bounce back
just my guess today mutual fund mangers to manage their nav. increased price
Whats the use of talking now when it already happen. Look at all the comments under each singapore blue chips , i already warn everyone since last year. But gamblers and speculators never learnt. They continue to fall victim to fall prey to news, brokers tips, and to their emotions, not having serious attitude towards learning the art of investing. All talking and less deep learning. People never learn because human nature never change. They always buy high sell low.
people always fail to see the bigger picture, that is why we see this happen again and again
too late, oh well
Get out if you invest in Singapore as soon as possible. Carnage!
us and china good news hidden on the way.technology us all soon double digits gains
there arent many true investors in singapore. only lots of wishful thinkers and retired speculators. with exception of some ultra wealthy at their prime life cycle who are content with high dividends yields and low risk wealth preservation.
if the entire STI INDEX cant appreciate by much on a global standard. where can there be enough money for u to get rich in this outdated state owned lead market.? by hoping and cherry picking penny stocks based on tips given by your broker who trade against you ? and the junk companies that sells you hope and lies with market cap so small that is easily dump and dump? making u think that u can flip 10x 20x ? while u stay away from quality stocks that sells at high value and instead go for low priced stocks because u think that 0.1 cents local junks is undervalue compare to alibaba 200USD ? the price doesnt tells u anything. the lowest 0.1 can go is 0. it is "cheap" because u r gambling on junks and on short term. only to get stuck long term. the time that u could have use to invest in US leaders. u old mans need to rethink about this decades of global money flow. pro singapore is safe mentality is lack of exposure to era changes.
during this time, u r really just holding on to a bunch of old school state owned no innovation companies only looking at its dividends which is actually paid to you using your unrealised losses.. this is a dividend blindness. better cash out protect your capital and wait. the dividend aint gonna cover up your capital loss. and if u insist to take it, u will only be trap and waste time waiting it to breakeven. this is known as lost decades. this method, never will get u rich. it only gets you old.
why are people still stuck in a tiny market that has little innovation and little free market and weak entrepreneurship? where the people are too timid to do anything out of the norms, and too careful for everything. this kind of characteristic that is shaped into the country and its people does not result in a lively market. volume and market caps are just gonna be dull. all is holding up are a group of old school government link companies that profited because of governmental backing.. not because it is truly competitive and disruptive. this kind of business model are by gone, only growing when the nation started young. these companies are mature and stuck in its small market. the way they think will barely make it global. they succeed because government back them and deter competition. this kind of behavior doesn't do good in the long run on a global level. we r lack behind in innovation. importing is just buying, not creation. pro-singapore is safest mentality is foolish outdated.
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