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    28,851 - 68,412

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  • The SHORT SQUEEZE for ATERIAN is rumored to start today. I believe it, I take others and strength that this time we flyThe SHORT 🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍SQUEEZE for ATERIAN is rumored to start today. I believe it, I take others and strength that this time we fly
    • I bought 3 Bitcoins in March 2020 when it hit rock bottom at 5k a coin. A coin for each of my kids. I'll sell when it hits 250k be it now or in 5 years. Makes no difference to me as unless it drops down there again, i will always be in profit. If it does go back to 5k, I'll but another 10.
      • Question really is who is buying this from the sellers 🤔
        • Guys relax everyone knows that because there's about a million channels out there and all they do is pu/m/p up the stock. Do you really think that in the last 3 months nothing has gone wrong at Tesla? Stock is down 15 percent. They barely make a profit,  Elon is going have to ask for more money (unless bitcoin takes off), they fire there Ch/ef Engineering Director - he writes a cryptic  message on tw/tt/er but everything is good. These guys are actors. Yes it recovered today and it pretty much seems to be the norm like  now its only down 1 percent on the day but my point is in the last 6 months I've never heard anything negative about Tesla on utbe.
          • 1% of the world's electricity, it's time for myspace to keel over so facebook can take charge.
            • Don't worry, the BITCOIN will be unplugged. and I sold all my bitcoins. a great deception is spinning. Gold is bought when it is cheap. Look at the article I shared 2 months ago, you can understand ......... I produced a small theory, albeit out of line :) If you want to seize all the wealth of the world with the big plan, you collect it in something that does not exist (crypto coins). When the Internet is unplugged in a boom, those in crypto will reset his fortune in seconds, and the master who booms for nothing will become the booming slave. Of course there is a condition for this; gold will be devalued, discredited, bitcoin and the like will be brightened, the dollar will be devalued, usdt (tethere) will be left. I guess that is the plan of the Y.hodis. It works perfectly. I am of the right opinion to fall in love with crypto as well, gold that will be devalued to have more gold.
              • cannot believe that money from monopoly have reached $20000 LOL
                • is this worth getting into at 16k?
                  • Something wicked this way comes. An imaginary currency, backed by nothing. SELL.
                    • Are you talking about the US Dollar?
                  • Many people become instant billionaire buying bitcoin & instant poverty living on the street trying to short this thing.