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Do we think NAS will find strength again after Monday?
767 is support
It’s smashed through that. I am seriously concerned we may visit the 2022 lows here…
I need this one go UP 1500 :)
Yes mate same!
Hi, everyone! I need help to understand Technical analysis in this page, 1min timeframe show Strong buy, 5 min also, 15 after this 15MIN SELL, 30 MIN SELL
That means intraday buy, but global trend sell. Long story short, wait a while and short it.
That's bad
At 608-618 support.
Goes up
Gotta love a simple bit of technical forum chat 😂
Nice day today
How is today a nice day, it’s still not got momentum up and actually toying with breaking major support again.. or are you selling?
Very good
Definitely a cup and handle pattern forming in NAS… We are at the downtrend of the handle at present.. look for it to break the neckline (top of the cup and handle) before strong buy uptrend
Jon, meth is bad for you.  Please get help and stop wasting your money here.  We care about you, Jon.
Dude… what’s wrong? I’m offering decent opinion, if you have none shut up and stop being childish.
Does anyone know why NAS has tanked so hard?
rate expectation changed.
It's because Jesus returns in 8 days and money will be worthless.
Thanks for that useful information
Wow down by 300 points on no news
756 was tested again and got in. Seems to be holding, but using a tight SL. If breaks the support. I will follow the market!
profit taken at 799...need to see if breaks back above 800-815.
756 is support
down down we go...😅🤣🤣🤣
812 is a support
isnt it beautiful 😅🤣🤣🤣