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This thing can only break strong resistence in premarket on low volume :) Says enough.
830 is stupid yes but its coming haha
Based on what? What is there to be so bullish about?
Stupidity is unbeatable…
Fully agree... I'm assuming this is fully hedged and we'll see the opposite tomorrow, finally breaking 730 as it should.
Although from a technical perspective, this garbage might go even higher tomorrow ....
Stop postponing the inevitable... What a joke to have a V recovery every time... Why buy here with limited upside potential and massive downside risks...
The week where 730 will finally break
800 coming months are u ready
gap is closed,... pump it back to 748
Have to wait another week then for 710 :)
Wow, they just keep pumping when it obviously should go lower...
750 kom maar door aub
end of year melt up coming, are you ready?
buy ze dip
call kopen voor dec. 800
700s? lower or not what u think
Guessing a bounce at 735 first
Herd beware of the cliff…
750 morgen doe maar
Jokes on you fam :’) double bottomed today. We’ll have to wait for inflation numbers
: )
Losers are buying the dip as usual…
lesgoooo big short coming, much more to come... 750 730 700 then long!?
Great fakeout in process all bulls are in…
790 and short
is thi the finale stage before the big drop?? I can smell the drop is coming, but too early is also wrong:P
u like the pump?
first some green FOMC pumps!? 785 - 790 or not!? haha