SGX Nikkei 225 Futures - Jul 23

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    30,640.00 - 30,640.00
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Nikkei 225 Futures Overview

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Jul 23
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¥1,000 x Nikkei 225
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52 wk Range
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  • this index falls and all others follow
    • Sell markets will bleed. All the big money will go in bonds now.
      • Yup, the coffers are nearly empty. And where was money going as they were emptying. The next few months is gonna be quite the show.
      • Yes forming M in daily candle. Double top formation in daily candle.
    • i guess we going down, price target as of now: 30.600
      • This will be below 20,000 and probably as low as 12-15,000 at some point in the next year or so.
    • First look at the bond yields on treasuries and keep in mind that with those yields you have ZERO currency risk. Now consider that the dividend yield on this index is below one percent. The PER according to Bloomberg is almost 31, compared to a PER for the Standard and Poor's 500 of about 20. The ratio of market cap to GDP+the BOJ balance sheet indicates a likely maximum return of 1% annually for the next eight years. That is assuming the balance sheet is not reduced--and it is a massive balance sheet relative to GDP vs all other countries with Ueda literally talking about it being abnormally high. And lemmings are lining up to buy this overpriced bubble index propped up to the moon. Remember that the debt of the government in Japan is crazy, over two times that of GDP. Remember that interest rates there are below zero. And as mentioned above, the BOJ has propped this up to nuts levels with asset buying. And the talking heads are yammering away with a decade old narrative like it is new and like book value valuation has any validity at all. Yeah, load up on this. Ha ha ha.
      • the sleeping bear finally woke up
        • about to hit shorts stop losses and take us up more hehehe
          • Smart bears will add more to their positions. This bubble is doomed.
          • Fluffy Clucksr u okay?
          • Justa TrollWell, it always happens that the uninitiated load up about now, having missed the multi year long run up, all drawn in thinking the run is gonna continue forever. All of the newbies are soon gonna get pounded into the ground. Being the lemmings they are, they will flee for the hills, disgusted, and right about the time it is actually safe to buy, they will opt out for good, never to come back. Funny how that works. As for me, I have been at markets for decades. I am fine, but never cease to be amazed at the lack of care on the part of politicians and central bankers. Anything to prop up markets in the name of votes, even if the costs to everyone are ridiculous. But the truth is, the masses of lemmings have no idea, never have, and never will.
        • ya this is going green soon
          • More down by 4-5% as us opens.
            • bet this goes greeen
              • Yeah, the Japanese governent and BOJ want wage hikes. But the zombie companies that forever get fed free money can barely afford to pay a wage in the first place. The BOJ is so busy pumping up these companies with endless free money, that they in turn are too buys keeping people busy at inefficient jobs and will never be able to afford pay raises. So stop with the free money already and let the strong companies grow and give the misallocated workers jobs that add value. The government needs to stop overspending and wasting money on doctors wasting money on overprescribing medicine and useless roads, for example. It needs tighten its belt and reduce the debt--which will put those inefficient businesses to rest and end the misallocation of capital. It needs to spend money to make education free so people have kids. It needs to open the gates to immigration. Bubble pumping is not the solution because it wastes capital and forever recreates its troubles and those troubles are endlessly extended and growing. I dont get where these BOJ guys got their education. Money printing is a short term band aid, not a solution to serious structural problems. These silly bankers are part of the problem, not the solution.