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    11,973.91 - 12,137.77
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    11,862.84 - 16,290.19

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  • Everybody is thinking nothing can happen with the market because QE is there...always expect the unexpected.
    • Remember the Bulls in 06/07 rally, solid growth, house prices increase are healthy and shows growth........just like Hofmans said, price is just a number people are willing to pay and there is no limit. A tiny condo / apartment will soon be selling $1m everywhere soon
    • neither there's a price on selling orders..Look at the monthly and the distance between the current price and the MA55..way too big.. Actually there isn't solid growth and if there is, delete QE and look what will happen.
    • Zero interest rates, Q.E and falling commodity prices only mean one thing..........Central banks are redefining it to be cool.........I think they are blinding the Bulls which is good as we don't need a crash..........but we need steady growth, free market that corrects itself.....