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  • The trend is your friend folks.\nYou can jump on the trendtrain, or you can jump in front of it with a short position. Absolutely nothing points down, not even fundamentals.\nYes it is overbought, but we are in unchartered territory with so much money being pumped into the economy levels such as 12000 and 13000 are more likely. \nOf course one day the bubble will burst. And we will probably miss out on it, but then we will go short once the trend is confirmed... And we\'ll all ride the Dax down to 5xxx, but not today. today we go up.
    • In other words. QE is the most important fundamental fact of the current period. . Along with some technical analysis to identify good entry points, one can make some profits going long.. I entered at 10295, along with a position in the Dow30, but the Dow isn't as excited (yet), because they are not directly impacted by the EU QE.
    • I think you mix "QE" and "Fundamentals" imo...central banks have to stay out of the stock market, this is not what they are original designed for. This is a financial experiment, nothing else...if they are in a hurry to put the indexes at a extreme high level, why don't they just put it there immediately...
    • It's not their intention it is the result.