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it should be down to 3800 soon.
up to 4500 by the end of the year
it should be 4000
e-stoxx 50 changed components with Ferrai and St Gobain, don't see the change in components on this website
gonna be down of 3200 at the end of term
should be down to 3300
Alibaba group good deal
Hi, how can i collect historical data about EURO STOXX 50 index components?These components are only for 2023 right?thanks in advance.
All prople look to indicator and think this is just indicator and he shows just number of clients ha not exactly whenever it shows these number from one peoples or company it starts sell or buy millions of assets woth orders so price starts fall down or jump to higher but it not means that be new all time high because of money and it goods. Is no reason to make more money if money not has value. But you guys to small to knew this what is money. No be no new highs for btc or euro50 cash no millions just up and down forget those nigers who telling you iliusions from showel jobs.
Next big up 😎😁
I agree
20000 take Lagbe
not too bad
not yet too bad has help many investors through 👆👆👆
nemam. účet. dasa. to. poštovou. poukaskov
IF PMI data os usa us negative who short eurotoxx before ism be published?
Bear's are at low stock
strong buy_.
plis am wont 10$