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Austria - Funds

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Spängler IQAM ShortTerm Euro R T0P0000.100.670-0.02%353.92M28/01 
 Spängler IQAM ShortTerm Euro R A0P0000.63.510-0.03%353.92M28/01 
 Spängler IQAM ShortTerm EUR I T0P0000.104.790-0.02%353.92M28/01 
 Gutmann Euro Short-Term Anleihefonds A0P0000.100.730-0.04%206.07M28/01 
 Allianz Invest Eurorent A0P0000.101.990-0.06%99.14M28/01 
 Allianz Invest Eurorent T0P0000.129.500-0.05%99.14M28/01 
 Kathrein Yield + A0P0000.104.900-0.05%49.61M27/01 
 Kathrein Yield + T0P0000.125.610-0.04%49.61M27/01 
 KEPLER Short Invest Rentenfonds A0P0000.9,581.640-0.02%37.68M28/01 
 KEPLER Short Invest Rentenfonds T0P0000.11,077.900-0.02%37.68M28/01 
 KEPLER Liquid Rentenfonds A0P0000.96.130-0.08%35.73M28/01 
 KEPLER Liquid Rentenfonds T0P0000.137.100-0.08%35.73M28/01 

Cayman Islands - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 LOM Euro Fixed Income Fund B Acc0P0000.12.664-0.11%835.86K21/01 

Finland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Ålandsbanken Euro Bond A0P0000.17.500-0.06%335.89M27/01 
 Ålandsbanken Euro Bond B0P0000.35.160-0.09%335.89M27/01 
 Nordea Euro Midi Korko K EUR0P0000.1.529-0.03%252.12M28/01 
 Nordea Euro Midi Korko T EUR0P0000.1.120-0.03%252.12M28/01 
 OP-Korkosalkku B0P0000.20.770-0.05%247.6M27/01 
 OP-Korkosalkku A0P0000.32.810-0.06%247.6M27/01 
 OP-Private Korkostrategia A0P0001.110.450-0.05%49.92M27/01 

France - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Carmignac Sécurité A EUR Ydis0P0000.99.230-0.11%8.18B27/01 
 Carmignac Sécurité A EUR Acc0P0000.1,788.780-0.12%8.18B27/01 
 CPR Oblig 24 Mois I0P0001.105,124-0.02%369.47M19/01 
 HGA Oblig 1-3 ISR0P0000.116.250-0.05%156.04M27/01 
 BNP Paribas Obli CT I0P0000.2,969.730-0.05%135.94M27/01 
 BNP Paribas Fixed Income Moderate0P0001.104.190+0.01%133.21M27/01 
 Richelieu Obligations Court Terme C0P0000.110.500-0.13%87.64M27/01 
 Richelieu Obligations Court Terme I0P0000.111,878-0.13%87.64M27/01 
 Fondo BNPP Seicedole A0P0000.94.840-0.11%58.16M27/01 
 Fondo BNPP Seicedole X0P0000.113.950+0.08%58.85M16/03 

Germany - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 UniInstitutional Euro Reserve Plus0P0001.99.590-0.02%5.62B27/01 
 Berenberg Euro Enhanced Liquidity I0P0000.98.940-0.03%499.97M27/01 
 Ampega Reserve Rentenfonds0P0000.49.900-0.06%141.86M28/01 
 UniKapital -net-0P0000.38.910+0.49%284.51M27/01 
 Rucklagenfonds ILP6819.967.387-0.10%246.89M28/01 
 Allianz Euro Rentenfonds K P EUR0P0000.986.180-0.17%140.34M09/11 
 Allianz Mobil-Fonds A EUR0P0000.48.930+0.02%131.66M28/01 
 Allianz Euro Rentenfonds K A EUR0P0000.40.750-0.15%127.56M09/11 
 Rücklagenfonds A0P0000.47.723-0.10%246.89M28/01 
 Rücklagenfonds R0P0000.51.420-0.11%246.89M28/01 
 EMCORE COP T0P0001.104.670-0.58%105.97M27/01 
 MEAG EuroFlex0P0000.42.6800.00%103.11M27/01 
 ASSETS Defensive Opportunities UI ALP6810.91.410-0.07%105.7M27/01 
 ASSETS Defensive Opportunities UI BLP6810.90.230-0.06%105.7M27/01 
 Rücklagenfonds S0P0001.93.425+0.10%246.89M28/01 
 Basis-Fonds I (FT-Exklusivfonds)0P0000.137.380+0.06%93.86M27/01 
 PARAGON UI F0P0001.68.750-0.01%97.59M13/07 
 AL Trust Euro Short Term0P0000.42.590-0.09%54.81M28/01 

Greece - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 DELOS Eurobond - Foreign Bond Fund ALP6004.8.186-0.13%92.66M27/01 

Ireland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Fidelity Euro Short Term Bond FAM L Acc0P0001.102.395-0.08%593.69M27/01 
 PIMCO Funds: Global Investors Series plc Euro Low 0P0000.11.270-0.09%395.55M28/01 

Italy - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Fidelity Funds Euro Short Term Bond Fund D Acc E0P0001.10.076-0.06%19.37M28/01 
 Mediolanum BB Euro Fixed Income L A0P0000.6.022-0.03%2.88B27/01 
 Anima Risparmio F0P0000.7.829-0.08%1.56B27/01 
 Anima Risparmio AD0P0000.6.904-0.07%1.56B27/01 
 Anima Risparmio A0P0001.7.634-0.08%1.56B27/01 
 Anima Risparmio H0P0001.7.708-0.06%1.56B27/01 
 Arca Risparmio0P0001.4.939-0.04%1B27/01 
 Gestielle Obiettivo Risparmio A0P0000.8.167+0.12%493.72M23/04 
 BancoPosta Obbligazionario Euro Breve Termine0P0000.6.571-0.03%455.94M27/01 
 Euromobiliare Euro Aggregate A0P0000.8.934-0.01%405.21M27/01 
 Etica Obbligazionario Breve Termine I0P0000.6.265+0.02%365.64M27/01 
 Etica Obbligazionario Breve Termine R0P0000.6.0800%365.64M27/01 
 Anima Fix Obbligazionario BT A0P0000.10.496+0.02%342.51M11/04 
 Anima Fix Obbligazionario BT Y0P0000.10.930+0.03%342.51M11/04 
 Eurizon Obbligazioni Cedola A0P0000.7.057-0.04%332.25M27/01 
 Eurizon Obbligazioni Cedola D0P0000.5.937-0.05%332.25M27/01 
 Amundi Obbligazionario Breve Termine D0P0001.4.795+0.08%25.13M27/01 
 Amundi Obbligazionario Breve Termine A0P0001.0.0220.00%225.45M04/02 
 Amundi Obbligazionario Breve Termine C0P0000.8.612+0.09%25.13M27/01 
 UBI Pramerica Euro BT0P0000.6.906-0.01%210.62M27/01 

Luxembourg - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 BlackRock Global Funds - Euro Short Duration Bond 0P0000.16.3800%959.33M28/01 
 BlackRock Global Funds - Euro Short Duration Bond 0P0000.12.1600%2.89M28/01 
 BlackRock Global Funds - Euro Short Duration Bond 0P0000.11.980-0.08%12.92M28/01 
 BlackRock Global Funds - Euro Short Duration Bond 0P0000.14.820-0.07%39.68M28/01 
 BlackRock Global Funds - Euro Short Duration Bond 0P0000.15.5900.00%1.17B28/01 
 BlackRock Global Funds - Euro Short Duration Bond 0P0000.16.370-0.06%1.89B28/01 
 BlackRock Global Funds - Euro Short Duration Bond 0P0000.12.000-0.08%1.26M28/01 
 BlackRock Global Funds - Euro Short Duration Bond 0P0000.17.240-0.06%393.45M28/01 
 BlackRock Global Funds - Euro Short Duration Bond 0P0000.14.630-0.07%32.55M28/01 
 Fidelity Funds Euro Short Term Bond Fund I Acc E0P0001.10.256-0.06%688.05M28/01 
 Fidelity Funds Euro Short Term Bond Fund A DIST 0P0001.9.736-0.06%9.64M28/01 
 Fidelity Funds - Euro Short Term Bond Fund A-Acc-E0P0000.26.050-0.06%2.43B28/01 
 Fidelity Funds - Euro Short Term Bond Fund E-Acc-E0P0000.12.006-0.06%279.48M28/01 
 Fidelity Funds - Euro Short Term Bond Fund Y-Acc-E0P0000.27.083-0.06%821.1M28/01 
 BNP Paribas Funds Sustainable Enhanced Bond 12M Pr0P0001.101.430-0.06%3.86B27/01 
 Carmignac Portfolio Sֳ©curitֳ© A EUR Acc0P0001.103.720-0.11%3.72B27/01 
 Carmignac Portfolio Sֳ©curitֳ© A EUR Ydis0P0001.99.060-0.10%3.72B27/01 
 Carmignac Portfolio Sécurité F EUR Acc0P0000.110.280-0.10%3.72B27/01 
 Morgan Stanley Investment Funds - Short Maturity E0P0000.19.9100%2.91B28/01 
 Morgan Stanley Investment Funds - Short Maturity E0P0000.15.8000.00%2.91B28/01 

Portugal - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 IMGA Euro Taxa Variável A – Fundo de Investimento 0P0000.5.816-0.03%308.33M27/01 
 IMGA Euro Taxa Variável R - Fundo de Investimento 0P0001.4.972-0.03%308.33M27/01 
 IMGA Rendimento Semestral R - Fundo de Investiment0P0001.4.956-0.05%281.89M27/01 
 IMGA Rendimento Semestral A – Fundo de Investiment0P0000.3.601-0.05%281.89M27/01 
 Caixagest Obrigações -- Fundo de Investimento MobiLP6004.4.463-0.06%243.38M27/01 
 Fundo de Investimento Mobiliário Aberto de ObrigaçLP6004.7.662-0.03%182.11M27/01 
 IMGA Rendimento Mais – Fundo de Investimento Mobil0P0000.6.185-0.10%106.49M27/01 
 Caixagest Obrigaֳ§ֳµes Mais - Fundo de Investiment0P0000.5.957-0.17%97.5M27/01 
 Bankinter PPR Obrigações - Fundo de Investimento ALP6006.13.428-0.14%39.19M27/01 
 Fundo de Investimento Alternativo Mobiliário AbertLP6802.6.759-0.10%11.54M27/01 
 Montepio Obrigações - Fundo de Investimento MobiliLP6004.93.613-0.01%8.8M27/01 

Spain - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Kutxabank RF Carteras FI125627.6.240%1.9B26/01 
 Mutuafondo D FI165237.33.27-0.06%1.59B27/01 
 Mutuafondo A FI165237.35.59+0.07%1.59B26/01 
 Eurovalor Renta Fija Corto FI138986.93.42+0.01%1.57B26/01 
 Ibercaja Plus C FI147102.8.720%1.34B26/01 
 Ibercaja Plus D FI147102.8.510%1.34B26/01 
 Ibercaja Plus A FI147102.8.990%1.34B26/01 
 Sabadell Interos Euro Pyme FI0P0001.9.271-0.03%1.23B27/01 
 Sabadell Interes Euro Base FI174403.9.23-0.03%1.23B27/01 
 Sabadell Interos Euro Cartera FI0P0001.9.393-0.03%1.23B27/01 
 Sabadell Interos Euro Empresa FI0P0001.9.309-0.03%1.23B27/01 
 Sabadell Interos Euro Plus FI0P0001.9.310-0.03%1.23B27/01 
 Sabadell Interos Euro Premier FI0P0001.9.430-0.03%1.23B27/01 
 Ibercaja BP Renta Fija A FI146791.7.03-0.00%1.13B26/01 
 Ibercaja BP Renta Fija B FI146791.7.10-0.00%1.13B26/01 
 Mediolanum Activo L-B FI165127.9.260%1.08B26/01 
 Mediolanum Activo E-B FI0P0001.9.965-0.05%1.08B27/01 
 Mediolanum Activo S-A FI165127.11.060%1.08B26/01 
 Mediolanum Activo L-A FI165127.11.290%1.08B26/01 
 Mediolanum Activo S-B FI165127.9.250%1.08B26/01 
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