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Austria - Funds

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 ERSTE STOCK JAPAN T0P0000.108.940-0.16%21.61M27/06 

Denmark - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Danske Invest Japan0P0000.118.830-1.07%167.47M27/06 
 ProCapture Japan Index Fund, klass SEK W0P0001.131.570+0.94%476.9M27/06 
 Sparinvest INDEX Japan Value KL0P0000.113.500-0.52%67.75M27/06 
 Sparinvest INDEX Japan Growth KL0P0000.63.310+0.36%61.51M27/06 
 ProCapture Japan Index Fund, klasse NOK W0P0001.151.230-0.02%75.12M27/06 
 ValueInvest Japan KL0P0000.129.320-0.72%38.44M27/06 
 ProCapture Japan Index Fund, osuuslaji EUR W0P0001.11.500+1.32%54.65M27/06 
 PFA Indeks Japan Aktier0P0001.171.990+0.10%24/06 

Finland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 OP-Japani B0P0000.89.770+1.29%271.5M23/06 
 OP-Japani A0P0000.161.880+1.28%271.5M23/06 
 OP-Japanin Tähdet A-osuus0P0001.116.620+1.36%176.22M23/06 
 OP-Japanin Tähdet B-osuus0P0001.99.060+1.36%176.22M23/06 
 Nordea Japani T EUR0P0000.0.166+1.01%76.69M27/06 
 Nordea Japani K EUR0P0000.0.268+1.03%76.69M27/06 
 Nordea Japani I EUR0P0001.14.980+1.01%76.69M27/06 
 Danske Invest Japani Osake K0P0000.0.193+2.13%18.88M23/06 
 Danske Invest Japani Osake T0P0000.0.076+2.12%472.95K23/06 
 eQ Japan Stock Index 1 T0P0000.89.389-0.28%13.04M22/06 
 eQ Japan Stock Index 1 K0P0000.157.178-0.28%13.04M22/06 

France - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Aviva Investors Japon0P0000.16,847.780+0.12%602.35M24/06 
 Groupama Japon Stock M0P0000.262.020+0.06%97.42M24/06 
 Generali Japon I0P0000.149.090+1.17%93.03M23/06 
 Mansartis Japon ISR C0P0000.131.770+1.06%19.58M27/06 

Germany - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 DWS Nomura Japan Growth FC0P0000.73.650+1.29%70.79M27/06 
 DWS Nomura Japan Growth LC0P0000.69.810+1.28%70.79M27/06 
 Allianz Fonds Japan A EUR0P0000.63.470+0.62%57.7M27/06 
 TBF JAPAN EUR R0P0001.149.810+1.61%410.18M24/06 

Hong Kong - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 JPMorgan Japan (Yen) (acc) - JPY0P0000.43,304.000+2.36%42.97B24/06 
 JPMorgan SAR Japan Fund - Class A0P0000.31.140+0.48%409.08M24/06 

Ireland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Comgest Growth Japan JPY Acc0P0000.1,427.000+2.51%363.4B24/06 
 SPARX Japan Inst0P0000.28,390.000+1.74%167.26B27/06 
 Nomura Funds Ireland plc Japan High Conviction Fun0P0000.22,317.513+1.00%468.36M27/06 
 Tokio Marine Japanese Equity Focus Fund D0P0000.30,844.341+1.46%4.75M27/06 
 GAM Star Fund plc - GAM Star Japan Equity Class No0P0000.2,071.500+1.74%283.07M27/06 
 GAM Star Fund plc - GAM Star Japan Equity Class Or0P0000.2,486.890+1.74%283.07M27/06 
 GAM Star Fund plc - GAM Star Japan Equity Class A 0P0000.1,503.790+1.74%283.07M27/06 
 Barclays Multi-Manager Fund - GlobalAccess Japan F0P0000.191.839+1.18%33.35B24/06 
 Barclays Multi-Manager Fund - GlobalAccess Japan F0P0000.205.060+1.18%33.35B24/06 
 AXA Rosenberg Equity Alpha Trust - AXA Rosenberg J0P0000.1,269.590+0.78%18.92B24/06 
 AXA Rosenberg Equity Alpha Trust - AXA Rosenberg J0P0000.1,210.760+0.78%18.92B24/06 
 Russell Investment Company plc - Russell Investmen0P0000.35,130.520+1.11%12.38B27/06 
 Russell Investment Company plc - Russell Investmen0P0000.2,298.480+1.10%12.38B27/06 
 Vanguard Japan Stock Index Fund Institutional Plus0P0001.172.330+0.71%3.65B27/06 
 Vanguard Japan Stock Index Fund Institutional EUR 0P0000.212.729+0.71%3.65B27/06 
 Comgest Growth Japan EUR R Acc0P0001.10.090+1.82%363.4B24/06 
 Coupland Cardiff Japan Income & Growth Fund JPY Fo0P0000.1,974.695+0.79%2.34B27/06 
 Baillie Gifford Worldwide Japanese Fund Class A EU0P0001.10.586+1.28%63.8B27/06 
 Coupland Cardiff Japan Income & Growth Fund JPY Fo0P0000.2,594.857+0.79%536.83M27/06 
 Nomura Funds Ireland plc - Japan High Conviction F0P0001.142.518+0.46%468.36M27/06 

Luxembourg - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 JPMorgan Funds - Japan Equity Fund A acc - JPY0P0000.1,453.000+2.11%279.24B27/06 
 Invesco Funds - Invesco Japanese Equity Advantage 0P0000.5,003.000+1.11%197.3M27/06 
 Invesco Funds - Invesco Japanese Equity Advantage 0P0000.5,725.000+1.11%3.78B27/06 
 Invesco Funds - Invesco Japanese Equity Advantage 0P0000.6,454.000+1.11%56.21B27/06 
 T. Rowe Price Funds SICAV - Japanese Equity Fund A0P0001.10,035.000+0.28%922.62M27/06 
 Goldman Sachs Japan Equity Partners Portfolio Base0P0001.16,034.400+0.88%268.89B27/06 
 Goldman Sachs Japan Equity Partners Portfolio I Ac0P0001.16,989.810+0.89%268.89B27/06 
 Goldman Sachs Japan Equity Partners Portfolio R Ac0P0001.16,914.340+0.89%268.89B27/06 
 Goldman Sachs Japan Equity Partners Portfolio P Ac0P0001.18,444.890+0.89%268.89B27/06 
 Goldman Sachs Japan Equity Partners Portfolio I Ac0P0001.19,077.710+2.00%268.89B27/06 
 Schroder International Selection Fund Japanese Equ0P0000.2,020.927+0.55%191.66B27/06 
 Pictet-Japanese Equity Opportunities P dy JPY0P0000.12,914.810+0.32%196.48B27/06 
 Pictet-Japanese Equity Opportunities PJPY0P0000.13,129.790+0.32%196.48B27/06 
 Pictet-Japanese Equity Opportunities R JPY0P0000.11,907.920+0.32%196.48B27/06 
 Pictet-Japanese Equity Opportunities I JPY0P0000.14,647.670+0.33%196.48B27/06 
 Pictet-Japanese Equity Opportunities Z JPY0P0001.15,708.230+0.34%196.48B27/06 
 Orbis SICAV Japan Equity (Yen) Fund Investor Share0P0000.6,523.000+0.18%166.65B23/06 
 Goldman Sachs Japan Equity Portfolio R Acc JPY Sna0P0000.3,098.550+0.48%145.62B27/06 
 Goldman Sachs Japan Equity Portfolio Base Acc JPY0P0000.16,880.400+0.47%145.62B27/06 
 Goldman Sachs Japan Equity Portfolio I Acc JPY Clo0P0001.1,628.080+1.48%145.62B27/06 

Singapore - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Eastspring Investments - Japan Dynamic Fund Class 0P0001.15.026-0.34%192.48B01:00:00 
 LionGlobal Japan Growth Fund SGD0P0000.1.141+0.35%296.7M24/06 
 LionGlobal Japan Growth Fund USD0P0000.0.823+0.61%220.73M24/06 
 AIA Japan Equity Fund0P0000.0.695+0.87%19.37M23/06 
 Aviva LionGlobal Japan Growth - SP0P0000.1.347+0.37%332.17K01:00:00 

Spain - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Vanguard Japan Stock Index Fund Investor EUR Accum0P0000.211.864+0.71%3.65B27/06 
 Kutxabank Bolsa Japon FI114232.4.37-0.25%4.17M23/06 
 Caixabank Smart Money Renta Variable Japan FI0P0001.6.543-0.10%106.28M23/06 
 Ibercaja Japon B FI147129.6.68+0.52%82.19M24/06 
 Ibercaja Japon A FI147129.6.39+0.52%82.19M24/06 
 Bankinter Indice Japon FI114104.808.29-0.08%10.51M24/06 
 Caixabank Bolsa Seleccion Japon Estandar FI122056.6.46+2.22%18.82M22/06 
 Caixabank Bolsa Seleccion Japon Plus FI122056.7.03+2.23%18.82M22/06 
 Caixabank Bolsa Seleccion Japon Premium FI122056.8.07+2.23%18.82M22/06 
 BBVA Bolsa Indice Japon (Cubierto) FI110088.6.79-0.40%16.7M23/06 
 Santander Seleccion RV Japon FI112757.37.12+1.03%15.99M22/06 
 BBVA Bolsa Japon FI147634.6.18-0.44%13.4M23/06 
 Bankia Bolsa Japonesa FI158983.5.23-0.04%7.97M27/04 
 GVC Gaesco Japon FI141113.8.390%6.53M23/06 
 Laboral Kutxa Bolsa Japon FI115396.7.83-0.47%3.17M24/06 

Sweden - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Handelsbanken Japan Tema0P0000.98.530+1.75%7.87B27/06 
 Handelsbanken Japan Tema (A1 NOK)0P0001.95.900+1.19%7.56B27/06 
 Danske Invest SICAV - Japan A0P0000.319.090-0.30%6.59B27/06 
 SPP Aktiefond Japan0P0000.99.257+2.14%3.55B23/06 
 Swedbank Robur Japanfond0P0000.10.480+2.44%1.45B27/06 
 Länsförsäkringar Japan Indexnära0P0000.135.357+0.58%2.09B27/06 
 Swedbank Robur Access Japan0P0001.154.080+0.46%1.64B27/06 
 Skandia Japan Exponering0P0000.232.530+0.68%1.08B27/06 
 Nordea Japani K SEK0P0000.2.861+0.62%803.82M27/06 
 Handelsbanken Japan Tema (A1 EUR)0P0001.9.230+2.10%750.47M27/06 
 Öhman Etisk Index Japan0P0000.123.270+2.14%302.09M23/06 
 ValueInvest LUX Japan A Dist0P0000.1,815.320+2.90%1.58M24/06 
 ValueInvest LUX Japan A Cap0P0000.2,592.070+2.15%1.58M24/06 
 ValueInvest LUX Japan A Dist0P0000.2,539.500+2.15%1.58M24/06 
 ValueInvest LUX Japan A Dist0P0000.2,605.620+3.10%1.58M24/06 
 ValueInvest LUX Japan A Cap0P0000.1,852.900+2.90%1.58M24/06 
 ValueInvest LUX Japan A Cap0P0000.2,659.550+3.10%1.58M24/06 

Switzerland - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Piguet Fund Actions Japon0P0000.14,560.190+1.58%2.81B24/06 
 ValueInvest LUX Japan A Cap0P0000.250.770+1.95%1.58M24/06 
 ValueInvest LUX Japan I Cap0P0000.278.580+1.95%1.58M24/06 

United Kingdom - Funds

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Total AssetsTime
 Baillie Gifford Japanese B AccBFJBA17.18+1.18%2.87B27/06 
 Baillie Gifford Japanese A Acc0P0000.14.35+1.20%2.87B27/06 
 Baillie Gifford Japanese B Inc0P0000.14.61+1.18%2.87B27/06 
 JPMorgan Funds - Japan Equity Fund A dist - GBP0P0000.14.760+2.07%279.24B27/06 
 JPMorgan Funds - Japan Equity Fund C dist - GBP0P0000.129.650+2.03%279.24B27/06 
 BlackRock Japan Equity Tracker Fund D Acc0P0000.2.38+1.30%2.28B27/06 
 BlackRock Japan Equity Tracker Fund H Acc0P0001.1.89+1.30%2.28B27/06 
 BlackRock Japan Equity Tracker Fund L Acc0P0000.2.39+1.30%2.28B27/06 
 BlackRock Japan Equity Tracker Fund X Acc0P0000.2.26+1.30%2.28B27/06 
 iShares Japan Equity Index Fund (UK) S Inc0P0001.0.889+1.30%2.28B27/06 
 BlackRock Japan Equity Tracker Fund X Inc0P0000.1.89+1.30%2.28B27/06 
 Royal London Japan Tracker Fund Z Acc0P0000.2.65-0.79%1.26B27/06 
 Pictet-Japanese Equity Opportunities P GBP0P0000.79.090+0.11%196.48B27/06 
 Pictet-Japanese Equity Opportunities I GBP0P0000.88.310+0.12%196.48B27/06 
 JP Morgan Japan A - Net Income0P0000.1.16+2.20%1.1B27/06 
 JP Morgan Japan C - Net Accumulation0P0000.2.76+2.22%1.1B27/06 
 JP Morgan Japan Fund B Net Accumulation0P0000.5.05+2.19%1.1B27/06 
 JP Morgan Japan Fund C Inc0P0000.2.86+2.21%1.1B27/06 
 JP Morgan Japan A - Net Accumulation0P0000.4.83+2.20%1.1B27/06 
 HSBC Japan Index Fund Accumulation C0P0000.1.33+1.80%1.12B27/06 
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