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Brazil - ETFs

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 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Global X Robotics and Artificial Intelligence BDRBOTZ3939.36+1.23%8.22K01/03 
 Global X Uranium BDRBURA3946.90+2.85%0.66K01/03 
 Global X Cybersecurity BDRBBUG3950.55+0.70%0.20K01/03 
 Global X Internet of Things BDRBSNS3944.48+2.77%0.13K01/03 
 Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles BDRBDRI3940.04+2.14%0.03K01/03 
 Global X Lithium & Battery Tech BDRBLBT3929.13+5.39%0.01K01/03 
 Global X SuperDividend US BDRBDVD3941.640.00%0.00K01/03 
 Global X SuperDividend BDRBSDV3952.85+0.00%029/02 
 Global X S&P 500 Catholic Values BDRBCAT3959.75+0.00%014/02 
 Global X Silver Miners BDRBSIL3922.86+0.00%029/02 
 Global X Copper Miners BDRBCPX3935.760.00%026/02 
 Global X Variable Rate Preferred BDRBPFV3959.260.00%020/12 
 Global X Us Preferred BDRBPFR3946.66+0.00%022/09 
 Global X SuperDividend REIT BDRBSRE3998.760.00%028/02 
 Global X MLP BDRBLPA3957.660.00%028/02 
 Global X MLP & Energy Infrastructure BDRBLPX3956.66+0.00%026/02 
 Global X Genomics And Biotechnology BDRBGNO3930.58+0.00%029/02 
 Global X CleanTech BDRBCTE3922.250.00%028/02 
 Global X Blockchain BDRBKCH3956.950.00%004/10 
 Global X Millennial Consumer BDRBMIL3940.15+0.00%029/11 

Germany - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Global X Lithium7GXQ43.59+2.42%001/03 
 Global X Uranium7GXS26.24+3.27%001/03 
 Global X Copper Miners7GXP33.73+1.31%001/03 
 Global X Gold Explorers7GXR20.74+3.42%001/03 
 Global X Social Media4GXM37.01+1.26%001/03 
 Global X China Consumer4GX616.01+2.26%001/03 

Mexico - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Global X Social MediaSOCL665.00-1.19%0.20K01/03 
 Global X Video Games & EsportsHERO344.00+0.58%0.18K01/03 
 Global X LithiumLIT805.00+2.55%0.14K01/03 
 Global X SuperDividendSDIV370.000.00%029/02 
 Global X China ConsumerCHIQ266.000.00%006/02 

United States - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Global X UraniumURA28.30+3.06%4.14M01/03 
 Global X NASDAQ 100 Covered CallQYLD17.92+0.34%3.13M01/03 
 Global X Robotics & AI USDBOTZ31.74+1.80%1.26M01/03 
 Global X U.S. Infrastructure DevelopmentPAVE37.98+0.70%1.17M01/03 
 Global X LithiumLIT47.18+2.43%881.43K01/03 
 Global X U.S. PreferredPFFD20.12-0.30%658.84K01/03 
 Global X 1-3 Month T-BillCLIP25.12-0.02%552.14K01/03 
 Global X Silver MinersSIL23.76+2.86%495.02K01/03 
 Global X S&P 500 Covered CallXYLD40.26+0.20%385.01K01/03 
 Global X CybersecurityBUG30.57-0.36%352.14K01/03 
 Global X SuperDividendSDIV21.44+1.28%266.51K01/03 
 Global X Copper MinersCOPX36.48+1.39%266.09K01/03 
 Global X Cloud ComputingCLOU22.16+0.91%254.40K01/03 
 Global X Variable Rate PreferredPFFV23.67-0.38%196.96K01/03 
 Global X Autonomous & Electric VehiclesDRIV24.56+1.70%180.20K01/03 
 Global X CleanTechCTEC9.37+3.42%155.60K01/03 
 Global X FinTechFINX26.72+0.83%125.41K01/03 
 Global X BlockchainBKCH48.60+3.38%102.81K01/03 
 Global X HydrogenHYDR5.63+2.92%90.17K01/03 
 Global X MLPMLPA47.01+1.07%84.72K01/03 
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