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Euro Zone - ETFs

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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Amundi ETF Euro Stoxx 50 UCITSC50p94.370.00%013/10 

France - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Amundi Index Solutions FTSE EPRA NAREIT Global DREPRA67.40+0.39%59.60K06:30:28 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Emerging Markets UCITSAEEM5.15+0.49%54.20K06:51:22 
 Amundi CAC 40 UCITSC40102.48+0.10%52.96K06:47:17 
 Amundi ETF Stoxx Europe 50 UCITSC5E88.66+0.10%33.60K05:57:15 
 Amundi MSCI World Low Carbon EULWCR372.46+0.16%20.61K06:17:37 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Emerging Markets UCITS USDAUEM6.01+1.02%16.56K06:18:42 
 Amundi BBB Euro Corporate Investment GradeCBBB16.17-0.01%16.01K06:24:30 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Spain UCITSCS1194.38+1.01%8.33K06:53:26 
 Amundi MSCI EMU UCITSCMU256.80+0.27%7.06K06:29:55 
 Amundi MSCI Europe UCITS EURCEU284.92+0.22%6.30K05:42:15 
 Amundi Index MSCI Emerging Markets SRI UCITSEMSRI58.28+0.52%4.20K05:11:16 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Emerging Asia UCITSAASU44.24+1.15%4.03K07:01:37 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Europe Value UCITSCV9239.66+0.35%3.60K07:02:18 
 Amundi Japan TopixTPXE93.62-0.14%2.94K03:15:33 
 Amundi MSCI EM Asia UCITSAASI37.90+0.60%2.64K06:54:51 
 Amundi ETF S&P Global Luxury UCITSGLUX207.60+0.81%2.56K06:52:36 
 Amundi ETF Short Euro Stoxx 50 Daily UCITSC5S9.04-0.14%2.13K06:35:53 
 Amundi ETF iStoxx Europe Multi-Factor Market NeutrMKTN20.91-0.12%1.92K05:18:47 
 Amundi MSCI Europe Banks UCITSCB582.45-0.37%1.60K04:23:57 
 Amundi S&P 500 EUR Hedged Daily UCITS500H113.09+0.52%1.51K06:48:01 

Germany - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Amundi ETF MSCI Emerging Markets UCITSAMEM5.153+0.53%34.92K05:58:00 
 Amundi MSCI EM Asia UCITSAMEA37.94+0.66%2.42K05:44:00 
 Amundi MSCI World UCITSAMEW407.57+0.13%1.88K06:20:00 
 Amundi MSCI EMU UCITSAMAMED256.80+0.33%1.39K06:30:00 
 Amundi ETF Nasdaq-100 UCITS6AQQ147.12+0.35%1.23K05:11:00 
 Amundi ETF MSCI EMU High Dividend UCITSCD8131.32+0.40%1.19K06:01:00 
 Amundi S&P 500 UCITSAUM572.59+0.03%0.76K06:18:00 
 Amundi DAX UCITSCG1G280.85+0.09%0.46K06:16:00 
 Amundi MSCI USA UCITSACU2495.51+0.04%0.38K04:52:00 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Europe Energy UCITSAMEE259.50+0.89%0.37K06:45:00 
 Amundi ETF Stoxx Europe 600 UCITSAME6106.00+0.08%0.35K04:48:00 
 Amundi ETF MSCI World Financials UCITSWDFI216.85+0.21%0.15K05:36:00 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Pacific Ex Japan UCITSCP9603.50+0.30%0.14K05:10:00 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Japan UCITSJ1GR236.73-0.11%0.14K06:21:00 
 Amundi ETF Euro Stoxx 50 UCITSV50A96.83+0.18%0.11K04:52:00 
 Amundi MSCI Europe Banks UCITSCB582.59+0.05%0.10K04:47:00 
 Amundi MSCI EM Latin America UCITSAMEL11.75+0.82%0.09K04:02:00 
 Amundi ETF Leveraged MSCI USA Daily UCITSCL24,028.00+0.24%0.08K05:46:00 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Switzerland UCITSCSW390.35-0.29%0.08K06:46:00 
 Amundi ETF Govt Bond EuroMTS Broad Investment GradC73277.86-0.10%0.08K06:42:00 

Hong Kong - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Amundi Hang Seng HK 358301217.66+0.80%003:55:00 
 Amundi Hang Seng HK 35301221.46+1.32%003:46:00 

Italy - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Amundi MSCI Brazil UCITSBRZ36.03+0.66%18.77K04:20:23 
 Amundi ETF Nasdaq-100 UCITSANX147.18+0.53%17.75K06:33:29 
 Amundi Index Solutions J.P. Morgan GBI Global GoviGGOVI51.85-0.38%11.00K05:34:42 
 Amundi ETF iStoxx Europe Multi-Factor Market NeutrMKTN20.890-0.21%6.59K05:21:53 
 Amundi Floating Rate USD Corp Hedged EURHFRN49.9850-0.02%1.78K06:55:16 
 Amundi Floating Rate Euro CorporateAFRN100.690.00%1.49K06:16:49 
 Amundi Index Solutions Barclays Euro Corp BBB 1-5 EBBB52.54-0.06%1.42K04:26:54 
 Amundi Floating Rate USD CorporateUSFRN95.96-0.56%1.30K06:22:48 
 Amundi Index Solutions Barclays Euro AGG CorporateECRPI54.15-0.11%1.23K06:51:06 
 Amundi MSCI EMU UCITSCMU256.95+0.43%1.23K06:57:35 
 Amundi Index Solutions MSCI Europe DRCEU277.61+0.25%1.22K06:55:28 
 Amundi Index Solutions JP Morgan EMU Govies 1-10 DEGOVI55.39-0.14%1.11K06:15:52 
 Amundi ETF Short MSCI USA Daily UCITSC2U6.77-0.13%1.02K06:49:33 
 Amundi Index Solutions Barclays US Gov Inflation-LATIP55.000-0.52%0.83K06:05:50 
 Amundi ETF Euro Inflation UCITSCI3248.00-0.21%0.65K07:00:45 
 Amundi ETF Cash 3 Months EuroMTS Investment Grade C3M116.10+0.02%0.64K06:21:43 
 Amundi Index Solutions MSCI North America DRNRAM104.66+0.27%0.58K06:48:30 
 Amundi Eur High Yld Liq Bd IBOXXAHYE241.01+0.07%0.56K05:30:47 
 Amundi ETF Nasdaq-100 EUR Hedged Daily UCITSNDXH382.34+1.05%0.51K06:54:49 
 Amundi ETF S&P Global Luxury UCITSGLUX206.91+0.42%0.45K05:23:36 

Switzerland - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Amundi CAC 40 UCITSC40102.36+0.18%0.88K05:56:00 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Emerging Asia UCITSAASU44.18+1.05%0.22K03:09:00 
 Amundi MSCI Switzerland CHFCSWCHF419.00-0.11%0.12K06:10:00 
 Amundi ETF Global Emerging Bond Markit iBoxx UCITSAGEB145.020.00%004/10 
 Amundi ETF US Treasury 7-10 UCITSUS7289.000.00%018/10 
 Amundi ETF Euro Stoxx 50 UCITSC5096.41+0.00%014/10 
 Amundi ETF Stoxx Europe 600 UCITSC6E105.800.00%018/10 
 Amundi ETF MSCI China UCITSCC1USD309.45+0.00%015/10 
 Amundi MSCI Europe UCITS EURCEU278.100.00%011/10 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Nordic UCITSCN1584.800.00%018/10 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Europe Ex Switzerland UCITSCS9262.25+0.00%013/10 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Emerging Markets UCITS USDAUEM5.940.00%018/10 

United Kingdom - ETFs

 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Amundi MSCI Brazil UCITSBRZ42.00+1.14%18.23K04:20:29 
 Amundi MSCI EMU UCITSCMU21,655.0-0.06%1.08K06:29:51 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Emerging Latin America UCITSALAU13.73+1.65%0.52K04:13:54 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Emerging Asia UCITSAASU44.19+1.09%0.52K06:13:47 
 Amundi ETF MSCI Spain UCITSCS116,402.0+0.70%0.02K04:27:46 
 Amundi DAX UCITSCG123,710.5-0.20%0.02K05:26:47 
 Amundi MSCI Europe Banks UCITSCB56,993.5+0.00%018/10 
 Amundi ETF MSCI China UCITSCC1U308.75+0.00%015/10 
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