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will this fund depreciate in long term holding?
in my opinion Under 60.00$ it's a safe holding for long term of 1 year from now.
bought 51.45 $
closed my longs before dividends and black monday
 Oil down 8%. Terrible down for all energy stocks now :|
80% it's a correction and it will go up again but I'm afraid from same pattern like last year because of this 20% of crash better to stay out for me in stocks until next week.
What took energy etf XLE down ?
Crude , Dow Jones is the main things.
they trying to stop the crash by pumping with stimulus.
Look at this folks stocks up oil down inflation over buy the dip
WTI up 5% after OPEC+ news, so it'll probably pull back tomorrow. XLE will up gradually now
probably around $50 - $51 today
Close enough right? Lol
Wow big jump from $51 to $53
I hate to use WSB terms, but man XLE/WTI is to the moon!
be ready for big drop until 20.03.21
 my guess is Tesla & tech sell-off will drive market down & create short panic, then things will stablize
This is aging well, still got time though, will check back on the 20th.
 I have rotated some of my XLE position to tech. Any pullback of 20% in tech is worth buying
WTI down 0.7% to $61, still much higher than US oil production cost ($20-45/barrel). Oil stocks up 2-8%. XLE up 3.32% (to $49.75)
Great pull back, wait till 45 to re-enter
Recovering well to $48.25. It's great to buy at panic sell off
Gjob on the scalp :)
 Good call. I buy back some calls I sold earlier to have more long exposure
Texas blackouts: Without gas and pipelines, there's no power
Market panic :D. Finally can buy the dip
Bank is probably a better buy at this point. Fed is still printing like crazy.
 not sure about banks due to possible bad/default loans. But more printing => cheaper USD => higher oil price
Seriously oversold, time to load up!!! (Sarcasm 🥱)
I would like to see it stabilize around the 55 level.
Miss the last ride but XLE is safer now. Investors moving to value while Tesla bubble is bursting from $900 to $619
Yet it fights all the way back from -12% to green end of day.If money printer doesn't stop, you won't see meaningful pull back
 Tesla down 7% again. What a day
Better to take profit and not to be gridi soon the 2nd crash , wait until end of April.
There could be minor dips, but probably no crash for oil stocks. Vaccine results from Israel confirms reopening path.
with oil soon at 75$ over the summer, by end of year it will end up above 55. Will re-evaluate at the end of 2021.
Uptrend confirmed, heading towards 55 soon. The price is still low.
i miss the 26.9$
buffet change the game now , yesterday published his new shares at cvx
Inflation is coming for sure. We should see 70 oil soon
To the moon, loving it! Selling tonight and sell put @42~43 to re-enter
why don't you hedge with covered calls, and pick up dividend in less than 1 month. it is better to get paid premium on calls + pick some income on the way.
bought @43.10
SL @cost
sold @43.69
This become too easy to predict. Anytime XLE enjoys a rise around 45, it will drop automatically.
indeed, but expect for that to be broken in the next 2 months, if not earlier.
 Yea, the regime switch can happen any time if there is reopening of borders
I'm moving to pipelines. Stricter regulations, less competition. If oil up, pipeline will be up 2-3X.
Market cap is still less than total assets. A bargain still.
that's what i thought & that's why i bought XLE. But they may have to write down assets, as investors won't value crude oil as much as before. But who know, what if Reddit team go here :)
sometimes i see that oil go down with indices and.xle go up same time , it is not 1+1=2 , next earning reports of cvx , xom may be a lot better. i predict we come back to 45 - 47 soon and after may go down again.
The Texas blackouts + Tesla crash are wake up calls. Bullish for oil now :)