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Delivery Method


 NameSymbolLastChg. %Vol.Time
 Harel Sal (E) TA-Technology (4A)HRL220146.400.00%409.36K04:40:15 
 Harel Sal Tel Bond 60HRLF4369.8-0.06%350.36K04:34:36 
 Tachlit SAL Tel Bond 60TCHF27369.9-0.11%350.31K04:41:26 
 KSM Kosher Tel Bond 60KSMFK1112.9-0.04%310.00K04:40:30 
 Psagot Tel Bond 40PSGF13355.2-0.08%306.21K04:35:02 
 MTF SAL Tel Bond YieldsMTFF12385.7+0.07%276.29K04:18:47 
 Tachlit SAL (40) TA 125TCHF21,886-0.05%272.70K04:32:11 
 Tachlit SAL CPI Linked Gov Bonds 2-5 YearsTCHF25280.1-0.01%233.33K04:38:36 
 Psagot (4A) TA 90PSGF361,923-0.21%217.83K04:33:38 
 Harel Sal Tel Bond YieldsHRLF69373.7+0.05%203.19K04:23:31 
 Harel Sal Tel Bond 40HRLF13354.4-0.01%197.60K04:30:55 
 KSM 6D Short Leveraged NASDAQ 100 x3 MonthlyKSMF1151,136.0-2.99%186.83K04:40:26 
 Psagot Kosher Tel Bond 60PSGFK1370.1-0.01%184.00K04:12:58 
 Psagot 6A Short TA 90PSGF161217.3+0.05%182.92K04:32:05 
 Tachlit SAL Tel Bond 40TCHF26354.2-0.03%159.85K04:36:48 
 MTF SAL Non Linked Fixed Interest Gov Bonds 2-5 YeMTFF2414.60.01%135.90K03:58:07 
 MTF SAL Tel Bond ShekelMTFF5451.6-0.05%128.84K04:15:53 
 Psagot (4A) TA 125PSGF421,878+0.21%119.52K04:22:49 
 Harel Sal (4A) TA 90HRLF111,980-0.25%111.27K04:28:15 
 MTF SAL Tel Bond 60MTFF4471.9+0.02%103.65K03:57:48 
 Tachlit SAL 60 Short Leveraged x2 TA 35 MonthlyTCHF99219.4-0.27%88.63K04:38:48 
 MTF SAL (E) TA - Construction (4A)MTFF651,404.00-0.21%76.75K04:23:18 
 Harel Sal (4A) TA RealEstateHRLF15995+0.10%70.61K04:32:49 
 Psagot CPI Linked Gov Bonds 2-5 YearsPSGF8278.6-0.01%70.50K04:17:19 
 MTF SAL (4A) TA 90MTFF172,961+0.10%69.42K04:37:12 
 Tachlit SAL Tel Bond ShekelTCHF34390.2-0.04%63.12K04:30:54 
 KSM (00) Index Bullet Non Linked 2023KSM1841,072-0.10%61.95K04:41:58 
 Harel Sal (4A) TA BanksHRLF122,817+0.11%59.91K04:42:07 
 Psagot (4A) TA FinancePSGF432,700+0.07%53.06K04:41:04 
 Psagot Tel Bond CPI Linked APSGF223,671-0.04%51.07K04:36:43 
 KSM Tel Bond 20KSMF183,821-0.01%44.60K04:14:42 
 KSM 6A Leveraged TA 35 x3 MonthlyKSMF461,230+0.16%43.73K04:32:24 
 MTF SAL (4A) TA Tech EliteMTFF18477.60.00%42.91K04:18:28 
 Tachlit SAL (40) TA Banks 5TCHF32,7740.00%42.80K04:40:00 
 Harel Sal 4A MSCI AC World Dollar HedgedHRLF205722+1.26%39.60K03:36:13 
 KSM Tel Bond YieldsKSMF1103,741+0.05%32.13K04:17:34 
 Tachlit SAL (40) Kosher TA 125TCHFK41,883+0.05%30.87K04:39:43 
 MTF SAL Non Linked Fixed Interest Gov Bonds 5+ YeaMTFF85210.13%30.35K03:48:34 
 KSM (00) Index Bullet CPI Linked 2025KSM1831,116-0.08%30.00K04:42:17 
 Tachlit SAL (40) TA 90TCHF91,962-0.25%29.69K04:39:54 
 Psagot (4A) TA Global BlueTechPSGF38405.0+0.10%28.09K03:57:01 
 Psagot (4A) TA Banks5PSGF352,790+0.18%28.05K04:40:11 
 MTF SAL (4A) TA 35MTFF162,496+0.28%27.39K04:08:00 
 MTF SAL 4A S&P 500 Currency HedgedMTFF526,034+0.70%27.39K04:39:23 
 Harel Sal 0D iBoxx $ Corps Liquid 3-7 YearsHRLF209623-0.48%25.63K04:00:23 
 Harel Sal Kosher Tel Bond 60HRLFK41380.9-0.03%25.18K03:32:30 
 KSM 6D Leveraged DAX 30 x3 MonthlyKSMF1134,575+0.37%25.01K04:38:07 
 KSM Tel Bond CPI LinkedKSMF1073,762-0.01%22.66K04:28:25 
 MTF SAL 4D S&P 500MTFF235,963+0.25%22.33K04:02:39 
 MTF SAL Non Linked Fixed Interest Gov BondsMTFF1396.4+0.04%22.29K03:10:48 
 KSM (00) Index Bullet Non Linked 2025KSM1851,010-0.05%20.86K04:41:31 
 KSM ETF (E) Short TA-90 (60)KSMF1867,680.00+0.58%20.22K04:23:47 
 MTF SAL (4A) TA 125MTFF192,950+0.17%18.68K04:40:48 
 MTF SAL (4A) TA - Israel Commercial Real EstateMTFF66982.50+0.03%18.16K04:11:29 
 MTF SAL Tel Bond 20MTFF3476.80.02%17.69K04:11:36 
 KSM Tel Bond 60KSMF413,684-0.08%17.58K04:40:44 
 Psagot Tel Bond CPI LinkedPSGF163,766+0.04%17.09K04:19:14 
 Tachlit SAL 40 TA 35TCHF11,8290.00%16.77K04:38:48 
 MTF SAL Tel Bond Shekel 50MTFF15318.4-0.03%15.71K04:28:54 
 KSM Tel Bond 40KSMF403,527-0.02%14.60K04:37:48 
 KSM 4A S&P 500 Currency HedgedKSMF824,657+0.82%14.04K04:18:56 
 Psagot Tel Bond 60PSGF14370.8-0.02%13.71K04:20:27 
 Psagot Tel Bond ShekelPSGF24386.6-0.01%13.03K04:19:26 
 Harel Sal (4A) TA SME60HRLF14743+0.46%13.01K03:58:07 
 KSM 4A TA Real EstateKSMF569,767-0.17%12.30K04:30:56 
 KSM Tel Bond Shekel 50KSMF23,975-0.04%11.94K04:29:46 
 Tachlit SAL Tel Bond YieldsTCHF413,7490.00%11.77K04:18:50 
 Tachlit SAL 60 Short TA 35TCHF120807-0.43%11.52K04:30:13 
 IBITEC FUNDIBITECF84.80.00%11.21K03:56:02 
 Tachlit SAL (40) SME60TCHF21716+0.70%11.00K04:16:34 
 Psagot Tel Bond Shekel APSGF333,9590.01%10.58K04:16:55 
 MORE SAL (E) NASDAQ 100 Currency Hedged (4A)MORES47,780.00+1.21%10.57K04:41:32 
 Harel Sal 4A S&P Financial Currency HedgedHRLF81481.7+0.04%10.57K04:28:19 
 Psagot 4D STOXX Global Dividend 100 USDPSGF982,164+0.74%10.38K03:19:41 
 Harel Sal 4D NASDAQ 100HRLF265,200+0.89%10.31K04:09:06 
 Tachlit SAL Non Linked Fixed Interest Gov Bonds 5 TCHF32694-0.08%9.91K04:22:35 
 Tachlit SAL 4D MSCI IndiaTCHF114814+1.27%9.65K04:15:48 
 KSM 4A Bloomberg Brent Crude Currency HedgedKSMF84575.1-1.03%9.33K04:33:34 
 Psagot (4A) TA 35PSGF411,834+0.27%8.97K04:05:34 
 Tachlit Kosher Tel Bond YieldsTCHFK13,7480.00%8.81K04:34:05 
 Psagot Tel Bond Shekel 50PSGF283,959-0.05%8.62K04:23:25 
 Psagot Tel Bond 20PSGF12381.7+0.03%8.34K03:31:36 
 KSM 4D S&P EnergyKSMF121,946-0.36%8.12K04:24:11 
 Psagot Tel Bond Shekel AA-AAAPSGF344,118-0.08%7.69K04:42:07 
 Harel Sal 4A STOXX Europe 600 Euro HedgedHRLF80559.8+0.29%7.51K04:25:53 
 KSM (4A) TA 90KSMF7218,980-0.16%7.46K04:38:07 
 Harel Sal (4A) TA FinanceHRLF162,7700.00%7.24K04:39:36 
 Harel Sal Tel Bond CPI LinkedHRLF61378.4+0.10%7.13K03:21:03 
 Harel Sal Tel Bond Shekel Bank & InsuranceHRLF303413.6+0.02%7.08K03:20:53 
 KSM 4D MSCI AC Far East Ex JapanKSMF692,255+1.12%7.06K04:37:43 
 KSM 6D Short Leveraged S&P 500 x3 MonthlyKSMF1147,775.0-1.64%7.01K04:36:58 
 KSM 6A Short Leveraged TA 35 x2 MonthlyKSMF272,776.0-0.75%6.99K03:16:05 
 MTF Sal (4A) Index Renewable Energy IsraelMTFF711,170.00+1.39%6.67K03:35:49 
 Tachlit SAL 40 (TA) Oil & GasTCHF136762-0.12%6.46K03:52:19 
 Harel Sal 4D S&P 500HRLF251,636+0.31%6.45K03:23:50 
 Psagot 4D LBMA Gold Price AMPSGF611,283+0.27%6.42K03:17:50 
 KSM CPI Linked Gov Bonds 5-10 YearsKSMF623,914-0.05%6.26K04:16:48 
 KSM 4A LBMA Gold Price PM USD Currency HedgedKSMF491,465+1.35%6.17K04:33:00 
 Tachlit SAL (40) TA FinanceTCHF1182,762+0.15%6.06K04:32:24 
 Psagot (4A) Kosher TA 125PSGFK41,878+0.21%6.00K04:25:24 
 KSM 4A Insurance Shares and ConvertiblesKSMF3427,010-0.18%5.95K04:38:05 
 Harel Sal 4A NASDAQ 100 Currency HedgedHRLF4914,650+1.31%5.71K04:26:42 
 KSM 4A Russell 2000 Currency HedgedKSMF942,200+0.50%5.65K03:22:08 
 KSM ETF 4D Bloomberg Brent CrudeKSMF141,366-1.53%5.60K04:32:23 
 Psagot Non Linked Government BondsPSGF6422.7-0.04%5.52K04:14:53 
 KSM Non Linked Fixed Int Gov Bonds 5+ YearsKSMF386,929+0.03%5.41K04:38:36 
 Tachlit SAL 60 Long Leveraged x3 TA 35 MonthlyTCHF981,483+0.47%5.40K04:30:00 
 KSM 4D DJ Health Care Titans 30KSMF92,585-1.30%5.25K03:53:33 
 KSM 6D Leveraged S&P 500 x3 MonthlyKSMF11135,130+1.33%5.16K04:41:21 
 Psagot Tel Bond YieldsPSGF173,749+0.17%5.06K03:56:28 
 Harel Sal 4A MSCI Europe Financials Euro HedgedHRLF841,260-0.40%5.01K03:19:54 
 Harel Sal 4A Nikkei 225 Currency HedgedHRLF672,829+1.25%4.93K04:18:23 
 Harel Sal 4D STOXX Europe 600HRLF772,125+0.57%4.86K04:18:48 
 MTF SAL 4A Nikkei 225 Currency HedgedMTFF502,879+1.16%4.30K04:26:25 
 Psagot 4A FTSE 250 Currency HedgedPSGF1172,575+0.43%4.28K04:37:33 
 KSM 4D LBMA Gold Price PM USDKSMF64,800+0.59%4.25K03:38:37 
 Psagot 4D S&P TechnologyPSGF715,279+1.01%3.98K03:22:37 
 Psagot Non Linked Fixed Int Gov Bonds 5+ YearsPSGF46,845+0.05%3.97K04:41:44 
 KSM (0D) S&P U.S. Treasury Bond 7-10 YearKSMF1782,232-1.61%3.94K04:07:02 
 Tachlit SAL 4D S&P EnergyTCHF653,430-0.29%3.87K04:12:17 
 Psagot 4D DAX 30PSGF545,282+0.11%3.82K04:01:21 
 KSM 4D S&P 500KSMF8015,520+0.91%3.74K04:28:11 
 KSM 4A MSCI Emerging Markets Dollar HedgedKSMF951,311+1.24%3.72K04:07:50 
 Psagot Tel Bond GlobalPSGF324,045+0.04%3.67K04:41:59 
 KSM Non Linked Floating Interest Gov BondsKSMF232,759-0.10%3.60K03:29:35 
 Tachlit SAL 4D S&P 500TCHF7616,540+0.30%3.34K04:35:45 
 Tachlit SAL 4D Future Bloomberg Brent CrudeTCHF811,376-1.07%3.33K03:44:11 
 KSM 6A Short TA 35KSMF966,924-0.26%3.26K04:26:15 
 KSM 4A NASDAQ 100 Currency HedgedKSMF8314,300+1.49%3.26K04:11:59 
 Psagot 4A S&P Consumer Discretionary Currency HedgPSGF1274,934+1.75%3.25K04:15:06 
 Tachlit SAL Tel Bond CompositeTCHF1043,786+0.03%3.14K04:08:16 
 Tachlit SAL 4A FTSE 250 Currency HedgedTCHF1411,661+0.97%3.10K03:18:08 
 KSM 4D DAX 30KSMF535,210+0.35%3.08K04:13:46 
 iShares MSCI China A UCITS USDiSFF4012,060.00+1.33%3.08K04:31:44 
 KSM Non Linked Fixed Interest Gov BondsKSMF584,958+0.07%3.05K04:07:17 
 Harel Sal 4D EURO STOXX 50HRLF651,849+2.95%3.01K03:54:23 
 iShares $ Short Duration Corp Bond AcciSFF4051,807-0.59%3.00K04:01:36 
 Psagot 4A TA GrowthPSGF401,709+2.34%3.00K02:59:39 
 Psagot Tel Bond CPI Linked 3-5PSGF203,7440.00%2.95K03:03:53 
 Psagot (4A) Tel DivPSGF392,685+0.07%2.91K04:17:00 
 Tachlit SAL 4A S&P Health Care Currency HedgedTCHF493,950-0.03%2.87K04:00:13 
 MORE SAL (4A) S&P 500 Currency HedgedMORES27,362.00+0.68%2.72K04:19:01 
 Tachlit SAL Tel Bond CPI Linked BankTCHF1383,4110.02%2.60K04:08:07 
 Tachlit SAL (40) TA Real EstateTCHF83988-0.01%2.53K04:13:41 
 Psagot 4D S&P Consumer StaplesPSGF792,531-0.08%2.35K03:07:42 
 Psagot 4A TA Oil & GasPSGF45765-0.61%2.30K04:25:05 
 Harel Sal (4A) TA GrowthHRLF181,7590.00%2.28K03:37:58 
 KSM Tel Bond ShekelKSMF483,880-0.05%2.27K04:33:25 
 KSM 4D FTSE China 50KSMF547,184+1.20%2.27K04:02:09 
 Psagot (4A) TA Real EstatePSGF379870.00%2.18K04:03:14 
 Harel Sal (4A) TA 35HRLF71,834+0.11%2.17K03:44:37 
 Harel Sal 4A S&P 500 Low Volatility Currency HedgeHRLF821,008+0.50%2.03K03:26:19 
 Psagot (4A) TA Sector BalancePSGF472,1220.00%2.02K04:32:31 
 iShares $ High Yield Corp Bond Acc Share ClassiSFF2032,003-0.23%2.00K03:06:00 
 Psagot 4A STOXX Europe 600 EUR HedgedPSGF1145,389+0.47%2.00K04:26:13 
 iShares Global Aggregate Bond UCITS Hedged AcciSFF3021,822-0.39%1.96K04:38:50 
 MTF SAL 4A S&P Aerospace & Defence Currency HedgedMTFF392,796+0.65%1.87K04:38:49 
 KSM 6D Leveraged NASDAQ 100 x3 MonthlyKSMF112153,640+2.97%1.80K04:41:12 
 Psagot 4A S&P Health Care Currency HedgedPSGF1263,998-0.37%1.75K03:33:12 
 MTF Sal (4D) Bluestar Travel & VacationMTFF692,746.00-0.65%1.75K04:24:40 
 KSM Non Linked Fixed Int Gov Bonds 2-5 YearsKSMF394,3460.02%1.66K04:16:40 
 KSM (4A) TA BanksKSMF7727,320+0.26%1.65K04:38:05 
 Psagot Non Linked Fixed Int Gov Bonds 2-5 YearsPSGF34,297+0.03%1.63K03:58:15 
 Harel Sal 4A ISE Cyber Security Dollar HedgedHRLF204618.3+0.63%1.62K03:12:21 
 Tachlit SAL 4A S&P 500 Currency HedgedTCHF114,238+0.88%1.61K04:39:05 
 Tachlit SAL 4D S&P Consumer StaplesTCHF579,510+0.08%1.60K04:11:51 
 KSM 2A Composite Gen Bond Israel 80% Equity 20% MoKSMF9114,160+0.43%1.58K03:20:07 
 KSM 4A FTSE 250 Currency HedgedKSMF1361,740+0.17%1.52K04:24:26 
 Tachlit SAL A4 Russell 2000 Currency HedgedTCHF392,073+0.48%1.47K03:44:48 
 Psagot Tel Bond CPI Linked 5-15PSGF214,069-0.06%1.39K04:40:57 
 KSM (4A) TA Oil & GasKSMF1037,782-0.65%1.37K04:39:19 
 KSM (A4) TA 35KSMF5918,220+0.05%1.37K04:37:31 
 KSM 4A TA BiomedKSMF1042,756-0.47%1.36K04:35:36 
 KSM CPI Linked Fixed Interest Government BondsKSMF423,833-0.05%1.35K03:07:40 
 Psagot 4D MSCI WorldPSGF10511,210+0.36%1.33K03:11:47 
 Psagot 4A NASDAQ 100 Currency HedgedPSGF11114,560+1.68%1.26K04:17:14 
 KSM 4D MSCI AC WorldKSMF891,106+0.09%1.20K03:43:16 
 KSM 4A DJ Internet Composite Currency HedgedKSMF1396,802+0.93%1.17K03:39:33 
 Tachlit SAL 4A NASDAQ 100 Currency HedgedTCHF413,780+1.40%1.14K04:15:49 
 Tachlit SAL 4D Future Bloomberg SilverTCHF824,159+1.66%1.12K03:54:00 
 iShares Healthcare Innovation AcciSFF4023,140-0.38%1.10K03:25:31 
 KSM 4A FTSE 100 Currency HedgedKSMF1388,4200.00%1.07K04:31:03 
 MTF SAL 4D Russell 2000MTFF336,288+0.11%1.05K03:09:27 
 Tachlit SAL 00 Non Linked Fixed Interest Gov BondsTCHF30489.6+0.08%1.04K04:00:13 
 Tachlit SAL 4A S&P/TSX 60 Currency HedgedTCHF861,461+0.48%1.03K04:05:16 
 KSM 4A MDAX Currency HedgedKSMF1293,192+0.09%1.03K03:31:52 
 KSM 4A TA SME 60KSMF557,057+0.33%1.00K04:38:30 
 KSM 00 Short Non Linked Fixed Int Gov Bonds 5+ YeaKSMF1534,153-0.08%1.00K03:25:38 
 Psagot Tel Bond CPI Linked AA-AAAPSGF233,838+0.05%0.98K03:55:38 
 KSM 6D Short Leveraged DAX 30 x3 MonthlyKSMF11615,140.0-0.53%0.97K04:36:23 
 KSM (A4) TA 125KSMF7418,7300.00%0.92K04:40:56 
 KSM (4A) TA FinanceKSMF5726,8700.00%0.91K04:23:58 
 Harel Sal (4A) TA 125HRLF21,887+0.37%0.88K03:36:22 
 Psagot 4D S&P Health CarePSGF684,333-0.18%0.88K04:41:08 
 iShares Core S&P 500 UCITSiSFF702147,180+0.40%0.86K04:32:01 
 KSM 4A Nikkei 225 Currency HedgedKSMF1630,920+1.11%0.83K04:24:14 
 Harel Sal 4D MSCI Emerging MarketsHRLF724,622+1.09%0.82K04:18:04 
 MTF SAL 4A S&P Utilities Currency HedgedMTFF492,618+0.04%0.82K03:10:48 
 Psagot 4A S&P 500 Currency HedgedPSGF1377,441+0.57%0.82K03:33:06 
 KSM 2A Composite Gov Bond Israel 80% Equity 20% MoKSMF14912,350-0.16%0.81K04:01:17 
 MTF SAL 4A S&P Financial Currency HedgedMTFF454,076+0.12%0.75K03:43:26 
 KSM 4D S&P/ASX 200KSMF331,795+0.73%0.74K03:49:29 
 Psagot 0D Bloomberg Barclays US Intermediate CrediPSGF889,757-0.58%0.74K03:41:54 
 Psagot 4A S&P Midcap 400 Currency HedgedPSGF1192,523+1.12%0.71K04:27:57 
 Tachlit SAL 4D FTSE China 50TCHF927,387+2.00%0.71K04:23:21 
 Harel Sal (6D) 2 Time Short Leverage Nasdaq 100 MoHRLF2162,661.00-3.06%0.71K03:00:22 
 KSM 4D NASDAQ 100KSMF5247,130+0.86%0.69K04:28:22 
 MTF SAL 4A S&P Industrial Currency HedgedMTFF473,507+0.86%0.66K04:00:09 
 iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets IMI UCITSiSFF10111,950+1.36%0.65K04:32:57 
 iShares S&P 500 USD Health CareiSFF5023,100-0.32%0.64K03:23:25 
 iShares MSCI ACWI UCITSiSFF50523,680+0.59%0.64K03:46:05 
 Psagot 4A EURO STOXX 50 Currency HedgedPSGF1314,679+0.58%0.64K03:55:53 
 MTF SAL 4A S&P Energy Currency HedgedMTFF442,222-0.67%0.64K02:59:39 
 Tachlit SAL 4A Composite INT Equity Currency HedgeTCHF4036,900+1.18%0.62K04:24:31 
 MTF SAL 4A S&P Technology Currency HedgedMTFF487,424+1.91%0.60K04:40:05 
 KSM Kosher Tel Bond ShekelKSMFK23,883-0.11%0.58K04:19:10 
 MTF SAL 4D STOXX Europe 600MTFF313,929+0.13%0.57K03:00:49 
 Tachlit SAL 4D NASDAQ 100TCHF7725,650+1.10%0.55K04:34:13 
 Psagot 4D NASDAQ 100PSGF6452,060+1.01%0.54K04:18:18 
 KSM 4D Kospi 200KSMF6410,190+0.99%0.54K03:39:45 
 KSM ETF 4D STOXX Europe 600 TechnologyKSMF4428,830+1.62%0.53K03:32:35 
 KSM 4A TA Global BlueTechKSMF753,884-0.05%0.53K04:25:05 
 Psagot 4D S&P 500PSGF6513,950+0.14%0.51K03:54:24 
 KSM 4D Russian DepositaryKSMF658,823-0.50%0.50K04:30:31 
 KSM Tel Bond CompositeKSMF1443,774-0.03%0.50K04:22:29 
 Tachlit SAL Tel Bond Yield NISTCHF643,7710.02%0.49K03:26:32 
 Psagot Tel Bond CompositePSGF253,784-0.01%0.49K04:01:21 
 KSM (0D) Tel Bond DollarKSMF1753,7000.01%0.46K03:19:05 
 Tachlit SAL 4D S&P Consumer DiscretionaryTCHF5517,860+2.94%0.45K03:38:04 
 KSM 4D Russell 2000KSMF607,132+0.39%0.45K04:24:07 
 Psagot 4A S&P Financial Currency HedgedPSGF1244,555+0.24%0.44K03:21:51 
 Psagot 4A NASDAQ US BuyBack Achievers Currency HedPSGF11516,930+1.01%0.43K04:07:20 
 Tachlit SAL 4D MDAXTCHF447,461-0.29%0.41K04:12:05 
 Harel Sal (E) S&P Kensho CleanTech (4D)HRLF2224,494.00+0.29%0.40K04:34:19 
 KSM Tel Bond CPI Linked 3-5KSMF13,734+0.05%0.40K04:19:15 
 Tachlit SAL 4A FTSE 100 Currency HedgedTCHF297,526-0.20%0.40K03:16:04 
 Tachlit 60 Leveraged x2 TA 35 MonthlyTCHF932,375+0.59%0.39K03:16:04 
 KSM 4D S&P TechnologyKSMF1585,319+1.03%0.38K04:24:28 
 Psagot Tel Bond Shekel 3-5PSGF303,9370.00%0.38K03:53:56 
 iShares $ TIPS UCITS ETF USDiSFF20281,933.00-0.59%0.36K03:47:40 
 MTF SAL 4D MDAXMTFF224,961+0.28%0.34K04:24:37 
 KSM 0D iBoxx $ Corps Liquid 3-7 YearsKSMF1646,189+0.02%0.34K04:28:41 
 KSM (4A) Tel DivKSMF1326,8600.00%0.32K04:16:40 
 Harel Sal 4D S&P EnergyHRLF963,290-0.12%0.31K03:21:37 
 KSM 4A S&P Health Care Currency HedgedKSMF16712,290-0.08%0.31K04:08:53 
 KSM 4D MSCI IndiaKSMF637,765+0.31%0.30K04:32:26 
 Tachlit SAL 4D MSCI AC WorldTCHF1242,670+0.41%0.30K04:08:46 
 Harel Sal 4A S&P 500 Currency HedgedHRLF504,673+0.75%0.29K04:25:18 
 Tachlit SAL 4D LBMA Gold Price AMTCHF944,870+0.52%0.27K03:04:13 
 MTF SAL (4D) Indxx US E-CommerceMTFF5310,120+0.80%0.26K03:53:13 
 Psagot 4D FTSE China 50PSGF1009,440+1.36%0.26K03:48:12 
 KSM 4A Composite MidCap Equity Monthly Currency HeKSMF14019,050+0.63%0.26K03:46:19 
 Tachlit SAL 4D MSCI Emerging MarketsTCHF1281,865+0.87%0.25K03:26:03 
 Psagot 4D Russell 2000PSGF607,969+0.09%0.24K02:59:39 
 KSM 4D Morningstar Wide Moat FocusKSMF11836,840-0.03%0.23K04:21:31 
 Harel Sal 4D DJ Industrial AverageHRLF6413,100-0.08%0.23K04:16:00 
 MTF SAL 4D S&P TechnologyMTFF308,015+1.46%0.22K04:19:03 
 KSM 4D STOXX Europe 600 Health CareKSMF13038,290-0.29%0.19K03:15:44 
 KSM 4D S&P FinancialKSMF13215,700-0.51%0.18K04:37:39 
 Harel Sal 4A S&P 500 Equal Weight Currency HedgedHRLF956,776+0.91%0.18K04:17:47 
 MTF SAL 4D S&P Aerospace & DefenseMTFF246,603-0.39%0.17K04:16:19 
 KSM 4D FTSE 100KSMF513,322-0.48%0.16K03:01:56 
 Tachlit SAL 4A DAX 30 Currency HedgedTCHF1213,990+0.29%0.14K03:12:34 
 Harel Sal 4D S&P FinancialHRLF751,688-0.12%0.12K03:43:08 
 KSM 0A iBoxx $ Corps Liquid 3-7 Years Currency HedKSMF16117,564-0.14%0.11K04:27:08 
 KSM 00 Comp Gov Bond Israel 65% Cor Bond Israel 35KSMF8514,8900.00%0.11K03:02:04 
 iShares S&P 500 USD FinancialsiSFF5033,530+0.09%0.11K02:59:55 
 KSM 4A TA MaalaKSMF7321,610+0.00%0.10K03:50:37 
 Tachlit SAL (40) TA BiomedTCHF137275.70.00%0.08K03:22:58 
 Tachlit SAL 40 Composite Local Equity MonthlyTCHF2326,300+0.65%0.08K03:01:57 
 MTF SAL 4A S&P Consumer Staples Currency HedgedMTFF432,960+0.27%0.08K04:31:21 
 KSM 4A DAX 30 Currency HedgedKSMF9214,020-0.36%0.06K04:25:07 
 KSM 4D S&P 500 Low Volatility High DividendKSMF14225,310-0.28%0.06K04:35:57 
 iShares Nasdaq 100 UCITSiSFF701278,400+1.38%0.05K04:12:30 
 Psagot Tel Bond Yields ShekelPSGF273,785-0.03%0.05K04:29:44 
 MTF SAL 4A Russell 2000 Currency HedgedMTFF514,238+0.55%0.05K03:37:23 
 KSM 4D STOXX Europe 600KSMF12238,230+0.39%0.05K03:45:36 
 KSM 4A Composite US Equity Monthly Currency HedgedKSMF11931,050+0.81%0.03K03:07:32 
 KSM 4D Bluestar Israel Global TechnologyKSMF16218,840+0.00%0.03K02:59:39 
 KSM 2A Composite Gen Bond Israel 90% Israel EquityKSMF8814,945-0.03%0.03K02:55:13 
 KSM 4A STOXX Europe 600 Euro HedgedKSMF1219,837+0.34%0.03K03:03:19 
 KSM 4D NIKKEI 225KSMF7919,670+0.77%0.02K02:59:39 
 Psagot 4D DJ Industrial AveragePSGF6613,090+2.19%0.02K04:33:13 
 iShares MSCI Europe UCITS AcciSFF30124,450+0.41%0.02K03:43:14 
 Psagot 4D DJ US DividendPSGF4826,090-0.53%0.01K03:49:47 
 MTF SAL 4D DAX 30MTFF75,620+0.11%0.01K02:59:39 
 MTF SAL 4A S&P Consumer Discretionary Currency HedMTFF426,526+0.00%0.01K02:59:39 
 Psagot (4A) TA SME60PSGF446870.00%0.00K02:59:39 
 Tachlit SAL Tel Bond 20TCHF10383.00.00%0.00K02:55:13 
 KSM 2A Comp Gov Bond 35% Cor Bond 50% Equity 15% MKSMF17210,7600.00%012/08 
 KSM 3B Composite Gen Bond Israel 65% Equity 35% MoKSMF8713,5200.00%013/08 
 Tachlit SAL 40 Composite Gov Bonds 95% TA 35 5% MoTCHF12311,692+0.00%017/10 
 KSM (4D) Indxx Climate Change SolutionsKSM19424,090.000.00%018/10 
 Harel Sal 00 Kosher Tel Bond ShekelHRLFK42389.5+0.00%018/10 
 MTF SAL 4D STOXX Europe MID 200MTFF322,0110.00%002/09 
 KSM 4A S&P/TSX 60 Currency HedgedKSMF1011,0590.00%012/08 
 MTF SAL A4 STOXX Europe MID 200 Currency HedgedMTFF415,4870.00%023/09 
 Psagot 00 Kosher Tel Bond YieldsPSGFK23,1800.00%014/06 
 KSM 2A Comp Gov Bond 55% Cor Bond 30% Equity 15% MKSMF14112,9900.00%018/10 
 KSM 0A Comp iBoxx $ 3-7 Years 80% iBoxx HY 20% MonKSMF16511,2320.00%029/07 
 KSM 00 Short Tel Bond YieldsKSMF1482,7590.00%014/10 
 KSM 4A MSCI World Dollar HedgedKSMF1438,294+0.00%011/10 
 iShares $ Corp Bond Acc Share ClassiSFF1032,069+0.00%018/10 
 KSM 4D EURO STOXX 50KSMF7615,600+0.00%018/10 
 iShares Digitalisation AcciSFF4033,497.00+0.00%018/10 
 KSM 4A S&P SmallCap 600 Currency HedgedKSMF11712,2300.00%012/10 
 Tachlit SAL 40 Composite Gov Corp Bonds 85% EquityTCHF1914,487+0.00%013/10 
 Lyxor Index Fund - Lyxor Robotics & AI UCITSLYFF112,730.00+0.00%013/10 
 KSM 4A NASDAQ US BuyBack Achievers Currency HedgedKSMF12015,780+0.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4D Composite Gov Corp Bonds 80% EquityTCHF11216,144+0.00%017/10 
 KSM 4D STOXX Europe 600 Automobiles & PartsKSMF13117,0900.00%008/06 
 Psagot 4A Comp Foreign Equity US Select Sector MonPSGF15617,2400.00%023/11 
 Psagot 4D Comp S&P Consumer Discretionary 50% StapPSGF15515,2900.00%012/10 
 Psagot 4A Comp Foreign Developed Equity MidCap MonPSGF15318,270+0.00%017/10 
 Psagot 4D Euro STOXX Dividend 30PSGF515,1850.00%028/06 
 KSM (0D) S&P U.S. Treasury Inflation Protected SecKSMF1805,1250.00%016/08 
 Tachlit SAL 00 Composite Fixed Int Gov 60% CPI GovTCHF13211,6160.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 00 Composite Gov Corp Bonds 88% TA 125TCHF3614,166+0.00%017/10 
 Tachlit SAL 00 Composite Gov Bonds 85% Equity 15% TCHF3811,4690.00%010/12 
 Tachlit SAL 4D Composite Gov Bond 80% Foreign EquiTCHF1616,270+0.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 40 Composite Gov Bonds 75% TA 35 25% MTCHF817,3500.00%005/10 
 Tachlit SAL 00 Composite Gov Bonds 80% Corp Bonds TCHF2213,395+0.00%012/10 
 KSM 4D DJ Industrial AverageKSMF7811,7300.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 00 Composite Gov Bonds 50% Corp Bond 5TCHF3513,727+0.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 00 Composite Gov Corp Bonds 90% Tel DiTCHF11116,8380.00%011/10 
 Tachlit SAL 00 Composite Gov Bonds 70% Corp Bonds TCHF9513,058+0.00%018/10 
 Psagot (4D) Index InsurTechPSGF172701.60+0.00%014/10 
 KSM (0D) S&P U.S. Treasury Bond 3-5 YearKSMF17716,267+0.00%029/09 
 KSM (0D) S&P U.S. Treasury Bond 1-3 YearKSMF17611,091+0.00%018/10 
 iShares Automation & Robotics UCITS USD (Acc)iSFF4044,255.00+0.00%014/10 
 KSM (4D) MVIS US Listed Semiconductor 25KSMF20316,640.000.00%018/10 
 KSM (0D) S&P U.S. Treasury Inflation Protected SecKSMF1793,820+0.00%014/10 
 KSM (4D)(!) Nifty 50KSMF18111,150+0.00%017/10 
 KSM 4A DJ Israel ConsumerKSMF9822,6000.00%023/02 
 Harel Sal (0D) Bluestar Israel Government USD BondHRLF21094.10.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 40 Composite Gov Bonds 90% Tel Div 10%TCHF1313,827+0.00%013/10 
 Psagot 4A Kosher TA SME 60PSGFK55160.00%004/02 
 Harel Sal 00 Tel Bond GlobalMTFF13339.9+0.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 00 Composite CPI Gov 60% Fixed Int GovTCHF13311,387+0.00%013/10 
 KSM 6A Short TA Real EstateKSMF152,2470.00%018/02 
 KSM 00 Short Tel Bond 40KSMF501,224+0.00%018/10 
 Psagot 4D STOXX Nordic Dividend 20 EURPSGF571,8990.00%004/02 
 Psagot 4D FTSE 100PSGF562,5040.00%008/11 
 KSM 4A NASDAQ Biotechnology Currency HedgedKSMF1683,9400.00%023/06 
 Tachlit SAL 4A Nikkei 225 Currency HedgedTCHF12926,670+0.00%014/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4A DAX Global BRIC Euro HedgedTCHF84306.90.00%016/04 
 Tachlit SAL 40 TA GrowthTCHF851,695+0.00%017/10 
 Tachlit SAL 00 CPI Linked Gov Bonds 0-2 YearsTCHF872,3230.00%014/10 
 Tachlit SAL 00 Non Linked Fixed Int Gov Bonds 0-2 TCHF883,1440.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4A S&P UK High Yield Dividend AristocrTCHF145195.80.00%006/10 
 Psagot 4A MSCI AC World USD HedgedPSGF1363,409+0.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4A S&P MidCap 400 Currency HedgedTCHF1513,2550.00%012/10 
 Psagot 4A S&P 500 Low Volatility High Dividend CurPSGF1351,5890.00%014/06 
 KSM 4D CECEKSMF615,1230.00%011/08 
 Psagot 4A Comp S&P Discretionary 50% Staples 50% MPSGF15715,7400.00%012/10 
 Psagot 4A S&P Consumer Staples Currency HedgedPSGF1282,5810.00%012/10 
 KSM 4A STOXX Europe MID 200 Euro HedgedKSMF1246,305+0.00%018/10 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 1-3 AcciSFF1021,7400.00%018/10 
 KSM (00) Index Bullet CPI Linked 2023KSM1821,055+0.00%013/10 
 KSM 4D DJ Banks Titans 30KSMF82,0220.00%011/08 
 iShares S&P 500 USD Cons DiscriSFF5043,8360.00%006/10 
 KSM 4D CleantechKSMF119,690+0.00%018/10 
 iShares $ Floating Rate Bond UCITS Acc USDiSFF2041,727+0.00%006/10 
 KSM 4A TA GrowthKSMF2116,670+0.00%017/10 
 Psagot A4 Russell 2000 Currency HedgedPSGF11322,050+0.00%017/10 
 KSM 4D STOXX Europe MID 200KSMF222,0600.00%018/10 
 KSM 4D EURO STOXX Dividend 30KSMF246,0270.00%012/08 
 KSM 4A S&P 500 Low Volatility High Dividend CurrenKSMF1665,6190.00%012/08 
 Psagot 4D Nikkei 225PSGF9216,5200.00%023/02 
 KSM 00 Short Tel Bond 20KSMF26228.7+0.00%018/10 
 Psagot 2A Composite Gov Bond 90% TA Banks 5 10% MoPSGF145471.40.00%021/07 
 KSM 4D S&P/TSX 60KSMF293,364+0.00%018/10 
 KSM 4A DJ US Dividend Currency HedgedKSMF1458,583+0.00%018/10 
 KSM 4A EURO STOXX Dividend 30 Currency HedgedKSMF1462,332+0.00%018/10 
 KSM 6A Short TA SME 60KSMF1695,740+0.00%018/10 
 KSM 6A Short TA 90KSMF933,4620.00%004/02 
 iShares S&P 500 USD Info TechiSFF5016,272+0.00%018/10 
 Psagot 4D DAX Global BRIC USDPSGF1043,0800.00%020/02 
 KSM 4D MSCI SpainKSMF711,6470.00%013/08 
 Psagot 00 Composite Corp Bond 50% Gov Bond 50% MonPSGF140436.40.00%016/07 
 Psagot 4D MSCI IndiaPSGF1017,3220.00%006/12 
 Psagot 00 Composite Gov Bond 66% Corp Bond 34% MonPSGF14613,6610.00%019/07 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 3-7yr UCITS ETF USDiSFF70445,000.000.00%013/10 
 Tachlit SAL 00 Tel Bond GlobalTCHF754,0250.00%018/10 
 iShares $ Treasury Bond 7-10Yr UCITS AcciSFF70352,021.000.00%018/10 
 Psagot 4D IBOVESPAPSGF994,0370.00%017/05 
 Tachlit SAL 4A Hang Seng China 100 Currency HedgedTCHF58,931+0.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4A S&P Industrial Currency HedgedTCHF512,782+0.00%014/10 
 KSM 00 Tel Bond FloatingKSMF1543,450+0.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4A MSCI World USD HedgedTCHF1028,173+0.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4A S&P Technology Currency HedgedTCHF565,9290.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4A MSCI Spain Currency HedgedTCHF107188.00.00%004/02 
 Tachlit SAL 4A CAC 40 Currency HedgedTCHF10813,590+0.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4A MSCI AC World USD HedgedTCHF71336.1+0.00%018/10 
 Psagot 4D DJ Australia Dividend 30PSGF971,3150.00%004/02 
 Psagot 4D DJ Asia Dividend 30PSGF955,1550.00%004/01 
 Psagot 1A Composite Israel Bond 95% TA 125 5% MontPSGF14213,9180.00%021/07 
 MTF SAL CPI Linked Gov Bonds 5-10 YearsMTFF9422.50.00%018/10 
 Psagot 4A Comp S&P Finance 70% Region Bank 30% MonPSGF15810,5200.00%012/10 
 KSM 4D OMX 30KSMF206540.00%016/08 
 Psagot 4D MSCI AC WorldPSGF1062,633+0.00%018/10 
 Psagot 4D MSCI Emerging MarketsPSGF1074,7890.00%018/10 
 Psagot 4D STOXX Europe 600PSGF672,030+0.00%018/10 
 KSM 4D IBOVESPAKSMF315,7400.00%018/10 
 KSM 4D MDAXKSMF12811,6500.00%006/10 
 KSM 4D MSCI Emerging MarketsKSMF683,867+0.00%018/10 
 KSM 4D MSCI TaiwanKSMF661,7730.00%027/10 
 KSM MSCI WorldKSMF679,255+0.00%014/10 
 KSM ETF 4D STOXX Europe 600 BanksKSMF1376,282+0.00%017/10 
 MTF SAL 4D MSCI Emerging MarketsMTFF343,637+0.00%018/10 
 KSM 4D STOXX Global Dividend 100 USKSMF259,577+0.00%017/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4D DAX 30TCHF1135,361+0.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4D EURO STOXX 50TCHF7918,330+0.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4D IBOVESPATCHF904,7040.00%016/04 
 Tachlit SAL 4D KOSPI 200TCHF8910,0000.00%025/11 
 Tachlit SAL 4D Nikkei 225TCHF7819,8700.00%013/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4D Russian DepositaryTCHF1256,1120.00%009/12 
 Tachlit SAL 4D STOXX Europe 600TCHF1002,0380.00%012/10 
 Psagot 4D EURO STOXX 50PSGF531,3690.00%017/12 
 Harel Sal 4D MSCI IndiaHRLF30805+0.00%018/10 
 Harel Sal 4D DAX 30HRLF285,461+0.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4A KOSPI 200 Currency HedgedTCHF28356.0+0.00%018/10 
 KSM 4A EURO STOXX Banks Currency HedgedKSMF1471,162+0.00%018/10 
 KSM 4A Hang Seng China Currency HedgedKSMF901,0440.00%018/10 
 KSM 4A MSCI AC World Dollar HedgedKSMF1713,3940.00%018/10 
 KSM 4A STOXX Europe 600 Banks Euro HedgedKSMF1273,8330.00%018/10 
 KSM 4A EURO STOXX 50 Currency HedgedKSMF175,455+0.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4A DJ Internet Composite Currency HedgTCHF139656.10.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 40 EURO STOXX 50 Currency HedgedTCHF74,341+0.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4A IPOX 100 US Currency HedgedTCHF1504,9520.00%017/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4D MDAX Currency HedgedTCHF461,8850.00%012/10 
 Harel Sal 4D MSCI AC WorldHRLF732,5680.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4A NASDAQ Biotechnology Currency HedgeTCHF1424,176+0.00%014/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4A S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats CurrenTCHF147620+0.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4A S&P 500 Low Volatility High DividenTCHF661,7810.00%006/12 
 Tachlit SAL 4A S&P Euro High Yield Dividend AristoTCHF144169.10.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4A S&P Financial Currency HedgedTCHF1403,0180.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4A STOXX Europe 600 Banks Currency HedTCHF103327.40.00%004/02 
 Tachlit SAL 4A STOXX Europe 600 EUR HedgedTCHF101541.40.00%018/10 
 Harel Sal 4D Hang SengHRLF291,3300.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4D TechDaxTCHF1537,264+0.00%013/10 
 KSM (A4) Kosher TA 125KSMFK318,7500.00%018/10 
 Psagot 4A WisdomTree Germany Equity Currency HedgePSGF1332,6000.00%030/04 
 KSM CPI Linked Gov Bonds 0-2 YearsKSMF352,3490.00%018/10 
 Psagot Tel Bond CPI Linked 0-3PSGF193,4990.00%018/10 
 Psagot Tel Bond CPI Linked BankPSGF183,4110.00%018/10 
 MTF SAL CPI Linked Gov Bonds 2-5 YearsMTFF6362.60.00%018/10 
 Psagot CPI Linked Government BondsPSGF103,9120.00%018/10 
 Psagot CPI Linked Gov Bonds 0-2 YearsPSGF7224.60.00%014/09 
 Psagot CPI Linked Gov Bonds 5-10 YearsPSGF9388.20.00%018/10 
 Psagot Short Term Treasury BillPSGF5278.00.00%028/02 
 Psagot Non Linked Fixed Interest Gov BondsPSGF115,0370.00%017/10 
 KSM CPI Linked Gov Bonds 2-5 YearsKSMF362,8100.00%018/10 
 Harel Sal Tel Bond 20HRLF3385.80.00%018/10 
 KSM Government BondsKSMF863,7860.00%018/10 
 KSM Short Term Treasury BillKSMF432,7810.00%018/10 
 KSM Non Linked Fixed Int Gov Bonds 0-2 YearsKSMF373,184+0.00%012/10 
 Tachlit SAL Non Linked Floating Interest Gov BondsTCHF24274.20.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL CPI Linked Gov Bonds 5-10 YearsTCHF33387.70.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL Non Linked Gov BondsTCHF14421.9+0.00%014/10 
 Tachlit SAL Tel Bond GlobalTCHF912,7830.00%017/10 
 Tachlit SAL Non Linked Fixed Interest Gov Bonds 2-TCHF31435.30.00%018/10 
 Psagot Tel Bond CPI Linked SmallCapPSGF153,7830.00%018/10 
 MTF SAL Tel Bond CPI LinkedMTFF11411.00.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL (40) Tel DivTCHF202,6920.00%018/10 
 Psagot Tel Bond FloatingPSGF263,458+0.00%014/10 
 Harel Sal (4A) Kosher TA 125HRLFK431,8800.00%018/10 
 Harel Sal (4A) Tel-DivHRLF171,8040.00%004/02 
 MTF SAL (4A) Tel-DivMTFF202,9750.00%018/10 
 Psagot (4A) TA SME150PSGF461,5690.00%018/10 
 Harel Sal Tel Bond ShekelHRLF24389.50.00%018/10 
 Harel Sal Tel Bond GlobalHRLF301404.80.00%018/10 
 Harel Sal Tel Bond Yields ShekelHRLF109378.60.00%018/10 
 Psagot Koshet Tel Bond ShekelPSGFK3386.5+0.00%017/10 
 Psagot Tel Bond Shekel 0-3PSGF294,116+0.00%014/10 
 Tachlit SAL Kosher Tel Bond CPI Linked SmallCapTCHFK23,7760.00%018/10 
 Psagot Tel Bond Shekel 5-15PSGF314,0850.00%018/10 
 KSM Tel Bond Shekel 3-5KSMF1743,8910.00%011/10 
 KSM Tel Bond GlobalKSMF34,0170.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL Kosher Tel Bond ShekelTCHFK3390.80.00%017/10 
 Tachlit SAL Tel Bond FloatingTCHF1103,449+0.00%012/10 
 Harel Sal Tel Bond Shekel 50HRLF300395.90.00%018/10 
 KSM Tel Bond CPI Linked BankKSMF1263,4000.00%018/10 
 KSM Tel Bond CPI Linked SmallCapKSMF1083,7630.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL Tel Bond CPI Linked SmallCapTCHF973,777+0.00%018/10 
 Psagot 4A WisdomTree Japan Dividend Currency HedgePSGF1343,9970.00%004/01 
 Psagot 4A WisdomTree Europe Equity Currency HedgedPSGF1324,0260.00%004/01 
 KSM 4A Composite Euro Equity Monthly Euro HedgedKSMF12517,370+0.00%014/10 
 Psagot 0D iBoxx US Liquid Investment Grade Top 30PSGF629,5600.00%004/10 
 MTF SAL 4D S&P FinancialMTFF273,809+0.00%018/10 
 MTF SAL 4D S&P Health CareMTFF283,8720.00%018/10 
 MTF SAL 4D S&P IndustrialMTFF294,414+0.00%018/10 
 MTF SAL 4D S&P Consumer StaplesMTFF262,432+0.00%018/10 
 MTF SAL 4D S&P Consumer DiscretionaryMTFF255,887+0.00%018/10 
 Psagot 0D Bloomberg Barclays US Corp 1-5 YearsPSGF877,402+0.00%018/10 
 Psagot 0A Bloomberg Barclays US Corp 1-5 Years CurPSGF842,1250.00%014/10 
 Psagot 0A Markit iBoxx US Liquid IG 0-5 Years CurrPSGF821,2090.00%018/10 
 Psagot 0A iBoxx US Liquid Investment Grade Top 30 PSGF632,804+0.00%018/10 
 Harel Sal 4D S&P TechnologyHRLF875,2480.00%018/10 
 Psagot 4D NASDAQ US BuyBack AchieversPSGF695,826+0.00%017/10 
 Psagot 4D S&P Consumer DiscretionaryPSGF8117,7600.00%018/10 
 Psagot 4D S&P 1500 Positive Momentum TiltPSGF778,1740.00%017/05 
 Psagot 4D S&P 500 Low Volatility High DividendPSGF907,528+0.00%018/10 
 Psagot 4D S&P EnergyPSGF732,260+0.00%018/10 
 Psagot 4D S&P FinancialsPSGF741,6760.00%018/10 
 Psagot 4D S&P IndustrialPSGF8010,300+0.00%014/10 
 Psagot 4D SP Regional BanksPSGF785,6170.00%004/01 
 Harel Sal 4D S&P Consumer StaplesHRLF762,5330.00%018/10 
 Harel Sal 4D S&P IndustrialHRLF683,591+0.00%018/10 
 KSM ETF 4D Bloomberg AgricultureKSMF81171.60.00%015/08 
 Tachlit SAL 4D Composite US Equity MonthlyTCHF13427,780+0.00%018/10 
 KSM 4D Composite US Equity MonthlyKSMF15021,980+0.00%013/10 
 KSM 4A Composite Euro STOXX Sector Equity Monthly KSMF15511,0100.00%013/08 
 KSM 4D Composite US S&P Sector Equity MonthlyKSMF15621,6500.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4A Comp S&P Consumer 50% S&P Staples 5TCHF5218,2700.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4A Comp S&P Health 70% NASDAQ Bio 30% TCHF5314,360+0.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4A Composite Global Equity Currency HeTCHF10515,1600.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4A Comp STOXX Europe 600 50% DAX30 50%TCHF10610,8400.00%026/11 
 Tachlit SAL 40 Composite Israel Equity MonthlyTCHF12722,730+0.00%017/10 
 Tachlit SAL 40 Composite Israel MIDCAP Equity MontTCHF13518,370+0.00%012/10 
 Harel Sal 4D S&P Health CareHRLF744,420+0.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4A Composite S&P 500 Dividend AristocrTCHF14815,1200.00%006/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4A Composite LARGECAP Developed CurrenTCHF4817,3700.00%018/10 
 Psagot 4D Composite Foreign Equity US Select SectoPSGF15416,3100.00%023/11 
 KSM 4D Swiss MarketKSMF13542,860+0.00%018/10 
 KSM 4D CAC 40KSMF322,3460.00%006/10 
 Psagot 4D S&P/ASX 200PSGF1025,2040.00%028/06 
 KSM 4D ! MSCI SingaporeKSMF307150.00%013/08 
 Psagot 4A Nikkei 225 Currency HedgedPSGF11024,9500.00%018/10 
 Harel Sal 4D ISE Cyber SecurityHRLF2072,2420.00%018/10 
 Psagot 4D DJ US Real EstatePSGF551,0100.00%012/10 
 KSM ETF 4D DJ US DividendKSMF282,705+0.00%018/10 
 Psagot 4A EURO STOXX Dividend 30 Currency HedgedPSGF1234,1560.00%013/10 
 MTF SAL 4A STOXX Europe 600 Currency HedgedMTFF406,3490.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4D S&P IndustrialTCHF709,3310.00%018/11 
 Tachlit SAL 4D S&P Regional BanksTCHF437,6120.00%008/06 
 Tachlit SAL 4D S&P Aerospace & DefenseTCHF697,0120.00%018/10 
 Harel Sal 4A DAX 30 Currency HedgedHRLF5314,2100.00%018/10 
 Harel Sal 4A S&P Health Care Currency HedgedHRLF933,9070.00%018/10 
 MTF SAL 4A DAX 30 Currency HedgedMTFF363,795+0.00%018/10 
 MTF SAL 4A MDAX Currency HedgedMTFF384,1210.00%018/10 
 MTF SAL 4A S&P Health Care Currency HedgedMTFF465,326+0.00%017/10 
 MTF SAL 4A EURO STOXX Dividend 30 Currency HedgedMTFF373,930+0.00%011/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4D S&P FinancialTCHF5010,5500.00%014/10 
 Psagot 4A Bluestar Israel Global USD HedgedPSGF129387.60.00%010/05 
 Psagot 4A DAX 30 Currency HedgedPSGF11214,0800.00%018/10 
 Psagot 4A DJ Internet Composite Currency HedgedPSGF1207,7420.00%023/11 
 Psagot 4A DJ US Dividend Currency HedgedPSGF1211,731+0.00%018/10 
 Psagot 4A MDAX Currency HedgedPSGF1161,934+0.00%017/10 
 Psagot 4A S&P Regional Banks Currency HedgedPSGF1301,919+0.00%018/10 
 Psagot 4A S&P Technology Currency HedgedPSGF1255,9090.00%018/10 
 Psagot 4A STOXX Europe 600 Banks EUR HedgedPSGF1181,7170.00%004/02 
 Tachlit SAL 4D S&P Health CareTCHF5814,8500.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4D S&P 500 Low Volatility High DividenTCHF676,2140.00%002/12 
 KSM 0A iBoxx $ Corps Liquid 1-3 Years Currency HedKSMF16013,0740.00%017/10 
 KSM 4D S&P IndustrialKSMF13333,280+0.00%018/10 
 KSM 0D iBoxx USD Liquid FRN Investment Grade CorpoKSMF43,515+0.00%018/10 
 KSM 0D! iBoxx US Liquid High YieldKSMF199120.00%025/11 
 KSM 0D iBoxx US Liquid Investment Grade Top 30KSMF1069,588+0.00%018/10 
 KSM 0A iBOXX US Liquid Investment Grade Top 30 CurKSMF1512,8920.00%011/10 
 KSM 4D ISE Clean Edge WaterKSMF1019,6200.00%018/10 
 KSM 4D NASDAQ US BuyBack AchieversKSMF12356,4700.00%013/10 
 KSM 4D S&P GSCIKSMF75060.00%012/08 
 KSM 4D S&P HomebuildersKSMF10923,590+0.00%018/10 
 KSM 4D S&P MidCap 400KSMF513,200+0.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4D S&P 500 Low VolatilityTCHF6818,260+0.00%018/10 
 KSM 4D S&P PharmaceuticalsKSMF1702,061+0.00%014/10 
 KSM 4D S&P Regional BanksKSMF1637,3960.00%008/04 
 KSM 4D S&P Consumer StaplesKSMF1592,545+0.00%018/10 
 KSM 4D S&P Consumer DiscretionaryKSMF13460,470+0.00%017/10 
 KSM 4D S&P Health CareKSMF1524,296+0.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 0D iBoxx US Liquid Investment Grade ToTCHF1499,8850.00%014/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4D NASDAQ BiotechnologyTCHF8013,7200.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4D Russell 2000TCHF1317,7500.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4D S&P 500 Dividend AristocratsTCHF1462,2900.00%018/10 
 Tachlit SAL 4D ISE Cyber SecurityTCHF632,2510.00%018/10 
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