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what a stock,make u rich in months
everyone in the thread is dead wrong bahahha
this stock is crap
Shorting banks looks like the play til the end of June, which Bank? I dont think it matters
The 6/12 update from Zions was essentially an "earnings warning", without actually calling it such. This is why there were two price downgrades today and two yesterday. Morgan Stanley is at the low end of $26 per share, but even that may be generous. Based on what I read, Q2 earnings will be well below $1.33 per share.
As long as earnings stay above $1.00 per quarter, Zions will continue paying $0.41 dividend. Question is with cost of financing existing loans up 1% already in May as reported by bank on 6/12/2023,will Zions be able to continue dividend in Q4 with two more rate hikes this year. I think EPS will fall way below $1.00. Simple math: current earnings is $200M per quarter. With cost of money uo 1..5% on 58B in existing loans, that's an additional 870M per year, or 217M per quarter.This is more than current earnings!
what a junk piece
Yes yes
Trading idea - Entry point has to be over 20/61.80%
next target
damn how could that bear flag be wrong :)
technicians are right 50p of the time
Maybe the bear flag happens
why Hindenburg was silent about banking system in USA. Was his research on Adani Group a diversion to hide US banking system?
no hindenburghs are con artists looking for a con. the feds broke the banks
banks made bad investments in treasuries, nothing illegal..bank runs are more of a psychological event than a criminal. read more and know your facts dmmy