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Who would say lost jobs in US and weak market in US can be such benefit for EU car makers, lets see how high we can go now
Next stop 85e
Looks like double bottom is in today. ^^
I guess big money will hunt the stop loss orders at 105€ to create more liquidity and buy in big time. For the upside I do not expect much to happen in September and/or on any Friday.
Hope it will fall below 100€ for even better buying opportunities
Game over
Seems like the stock is entering the sideways moving consolidation phase. Hop on or be left out. ^^
looking on volumes, from march its half the usual, and last 9 days we are on 15% of this half or 7-8% of the March volume. I wonder who is trying to push or get rid of it at these prices
anyway it looks more like forced sells, but other wont sell this such low but not many interested buyers now, holding with those bleeding buying the dips on way down. but some good news could kick this up. i remember it went 15E from 128 to 142 in few hours just by some rumors
Sideways?? This is falling since 2021!
Stop loss hunting at its best. Seems like we have reached the bottom. Note: Today 14h CET, IAA Mobility fair in Munich, the German PM Olaf Scholz is to publicly announce cutting the price for the industrial use of electricity ('Industriestrompreis') as well as a subvention of over 6 bn € for the German automobile industry. There is also talks of prolonging the subvention for buying EVs in Germany.
Just seen on CNBC: Volkswagen is third biggest EV seller in China, after Tesla and BYD.
98-99€ for buy
The net assets of Volkswagen are ~€300 worth per share (ordinary and preference shares altogether). The stock price now is one third of that. New EV models are rolling out. The German government is about to roll out measures to stimulate the domestic industry. There is a good equity story and great intrinsic value here that investors should recognise.
vw is moving slowly
The price action is not awesome these times. Still, a great dividend stock.
EARNINGSVolkswagen posts record first-half earnings and raises profit margin target
Earnings after tax are down 20% compared to first halfyear of 2022.
The current figures are not at all bad, actually.
what a trash
Is there any news yet about Warren Buffet wanting to invest in Volkswagen?
Where did you hear this pls?
Nowhere. That is why I asked if anyone else hear anything like that.
I think the future of European automakers will have a difficult future in the face of the entry of competitive Chinese cars, specially from BYD.
BYD is still small compared to VW. There is decades of work, massive international establishment and the sheer size one cannot just compete with.
Let's see, VW has to cut their car prices to half in China because of the local competitors. Here in Europe we are seeing an invasion of Chinese cars this year, they are 20% cheaper and their batteries offer greater autonomy by lower prices.
It can't all be just milk and honey with chinese cars. Just wait for the first mass vehicle recall at BYD. It will come, because it is no way they don't make failures. When that comes, It will make things look way less perfect for the Chinese carmakers. That will strengthen good old European carmaker brands like the VW brands.
Buying the dip today. General assembly on 10th May & dividend decision is near.
it seems it was a bad meeting :/
the drop was 8.76 dividend, not meeting
oh very true, I had not seen it thanks.
the big players use new technologies and have most gains in history from changes. VW is proven strong. I bet on VW to dominate the carmaker business worldwide also in future. the buffet style
Disgusting.. I regret the day I bought you..
I don't regret buying VW. I just regret buying it too early.
what wrong with this company
it is not the company bros. It is the macroeconomy.
Bad China GDP data from yesterday weighs.
Double bottom formation completed at 114,34€
bought more at this bottom. no way we touch COVID or emissions scandal low. new highs by 2024
Bottom? Just today -3% fall..
Waiting for 98 Euro. ...😎😎
Tariq ziyad