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Unilever or Procter and Gamble? Thank you
Will go below 40. One board is not improving the results or the outlook.
We therefore do not intend to pursue major acquisitions in the foreseeable future and will conduct a share buyback programme of up to €3 billion over the next two years.https://www.unilever.com/files/5b9872cf-337a-4bb4-9692-02a1b0a1b7fe/ir-q4-2021-full-announcement.pdf
a BUY signal on Market Mìracle advisor with target 48.67
this a long-term short
I dont understand the mentality of investing public. uniliver plc went down yesterday even though its bid was rejected by gsk. today again it is down by nearly 3% for no reason. in fact uniliver plc should have recovered all the price of 7% that occured yesterday.
Its because unilever will raise its bid.
no no
I think uniliver plc is hell bent to persue takeover of consumer business from GSK against the wishes of majority shareholders. that is why share is beaten down.
uniliver plc is victim of rumour mongers. when gsk has rejected the offer of uniliver plc where is the question of takeover of consumer division. shareholders are worried about higher consideration that may be offered by uniliver plc. under the circumstances it will be very difficult for uniliver plc to proceed further.
I think market has realised that uniliver plc will find it very difficult to acquire consumer division of GSK. That is why share is recovering. in that way hindustan uniliver is lucky to grab the consumer division of gsk in 2020 itself. Great salute to management of hindustan uniliver in india.
in my opinion gsk will not sell its consumer division at throw away price. it will be very difficult for uniliver plc to buy out gsk consumer division and at the end uniliver may drop the idea of buying gsk consumer division.
the resistance will go down and all ****will go lose.
big investors are really losing the patience with the current CEO
this will quickly go towards £ 43 which is the current fair value.....really undervalued now
Israel vs Ben and Jerry'sUSA vs Unileverand Unilever is looosing- short it
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Why this low price?
Unilever vs Israel
ti pineis kai den mas dineis ?
There is no dividend withholding tax for ULVR , bought from London Stock exchange ? Right ?(UK originated shares exception for div.wth)https://taxsummaries.pwc.com/quick-charts/withholding-tax-wht-rates
I'm in!
hi everyone, I am new to trading and investment. Any tips? Also is this a good time to buy from unilever?
Put a decent amount in ETFs. Dabble with individual stocks with minor amounts to learn. Read books, articles, videos, etc. Be very critical of advice. Unilever is not particularly risky, but has some risk from interests, raw materials, and others.
thank you for your response Fomo...
Always buy low sell high.
We will know soon enough: https://optimusfutures.com/tradeblog/archives/trading-double-top-double-bottom
Time to buy
Is €55 even realistic still?
it's closer to €40 :(
Unilever Very Good Profitable Company And Many Products use Daily Routine in every Home I hope Next Month Comeback strongly InshALLAH
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