Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd. (TRQ)

  • Volume:
  • Bid/Ask:
  • Day's Range:
    33.84 - 35.30
  • Type:Equity
  • Market:Canada
  • ISIN:CA9004352071
  • CUSIP:900435207

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  • What is going on pre market?
    • I guess that implies massive dilution of shareholders. USD$1.4 Billion on a USD$1.77 Billion market cap, for which 50% of the shares from Rio Tinto are anti dilution, can easily become a dilution that goes from 4x to 8x....
    • could you please explain in plain english? Is it good or bad?
    • TL;DR: not good. Look at it as sharing the pie in more pieces (likely way more pieces in this case). Depending on how the $ for which dilution is done, given copper at 3 $, a fair price would go from 0.90 $ which i think it was fair before to ~0.50 $. If Copper goes 4 $ it can go more... but then you speculate on Copper price... your call!