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We need a buyback program !!! The shareholders have suffered enough 😤
i think may change will cost less....i have the pre issue and the stock was supposed to be -0.14 cents....oh still and now it is overpriced
Will it ever raise again?
yes,be patient
what's going on with this stock? can someone please explain?
Every day a new all time low. What is wrong with this stock?
Around 4.5€ worth to buy
So …. The medium volume this days is double a big entity is getting out. 400 hotels, 130 airplanes, 16 cruse ships and good nows how many bus and autos are worth 2.8 bln ?? We need a new management and to list the company in SUA
It's going to test 5.65 again it seems. What a disastrous stock to own.
Depression company, there is no way to contact them in Hannover. Travel is on the riset, but company have lousy management. Först it dropped 60-70 % due to extra shares, now Downey another 20% . Its really depression situation and bad people running this company.
let's hope for the best
will raise now. ppl booking Holiday Like stupid 😃
What is wrong with this share?
Nothing wrong- will go up. Profit taking after earning. Revenue increases, debt decrases, lot of competition is done due to COVID. RU oligarh diluted from 30% to 11%.
Why is it down?
900.... in 3 mounth
TUI is on good way now, no longer a Russian-owned company, most of the debt will be liquidated, wiht new shares. The volume of trips is increasing, so the worst time has passed. Now just need work and earn money more money :)
I would say around 5 €
Tui should be minimum valued at 12
I see TP about 18
what do u think guys about this stock?
The rights fell down from €6 to € .85 for less than a week. Good sign how the current shareholders want to subscribe the new shares...
History will tell you... I'm subscribing and looking forward for my benefits.
thank you for your opinion.
The largest shareholder is not participating which means he will be diluted whereas common shareholders will grow by 2.66 times. I think it's a good opportunit. tui is now profitable like Lufthansa they want to reduce loan.
Show me the math
I'm not your 数学老师
Today, one TUI share is traded at 7,774 euros, and subscription right 4.959€. If I exercise my subscription right and buy one share, then the cost would be (2,66 * 4,959€) + 5,55€ = 18,74 €. It is cheaper to buy a share and sell the subscription right, isn't it? Please correct me, if I am wrong :)
Please correct 4.959/2.66 = + 5.55 = 7.4
no IT makes sensem.thank you so much
Sorry, I wanted to say it makes sense now.
recently, he made 10 one. and now on the 3rd you pay 5.5 to get another 8.... mafia
Increase capital - If you own 3 shares you will receive 8 pcs shares option.( 5,5 eur/share.)
waht to do with those options ? sell and have a free dinner ?
When we’ll receive news shares?
What happened today???
stock merge 1:10
What now ? It’ll go down ?
it will go down for sure 👇
2.5 before earning