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130 soon
please ye kon se app me trade hei app name
5000 kia ?
TRG. Hold ya Sell ?
Making 5-3-5 zig-zag correction. market likely to come down to 40 and start moving up.
This stock coming down now. will break previous low of 66 then start moving up....
Trg Next Target 180
janab app name kaya hei jis me ye crancy hei
great company
TRG Pakistan is a very volatile stock.Its movement is very fast . Always trade with a stop loss option
It is a very volatile stock. Price movement is fast. Always trade in this stock with a stop loss option.
kahan tak opper ja sakta hey
Kahan open hoga flooor
170 Next weekend
107 se 110 pe sell
trg up... but why?
Dollar rate is going upwards. IBEX ltd profits which are in turn part of income stream for TRGIL (In dollars). So whatever share of profits TRG PAKISTAN will receive from TRGIL, that would be in dollars. So therefore the dollar rate has a significant effect on TRG Pakistan earnings.Secondly, Shares buyback of TRG Pakistan from greentree holdings LLC (SPV). So the free float pf shares is significantly lower now @80% which at one time was @98% after the zia chisti and change in management fiasco.Anyway this is my view, do your own research and always play safe and think about longterm investing. Takecare.
trg up... but why?
trg up but why?
trg target down ???
trg target down ???
Stay away
u sd $
TRG target 🎯?