Tractor Supply Company (TSCO)

  • Volume:
  • Day's Range:
    226.64 - 230.15
  • 52 wk Range:
    166.49 - 241.54

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  • Wondering if it's a buy now
    • I bought Tractor Supply at $110 and sold it at $120. Then I bought it for $121 and sold it for $132. I again bought it for $143. It went to $155 and now it is down to $146. The MACD indicator says to buy it at $146.
      • Why you did not hold from 110 to 155. More tax efficient and less commission
      • Mustafa DenizUh, brother,...NO ONE KNEW IT WAS GOING TO 155!!! I imagine he watched the charts and managed his risk along the way. He seems to have a system and sticks to it. And comes out a winner.
      • And, oh yeah. Why are you paying commissions???
    • Wow! I wish I had bought more Tractor Supply stock, back when it dipped into the $80's! Oh, wait a minute, I did!
      • Opinion: BUY Target: 109
        • I'm glad I bought more back at $85!
      • So, Tractor Supply's stock price dipped instead of going up as most of us would have expected. My guess, is that the computers are selling, because they have not been reprogrammed to recognize that any "Beat" during these troubling times, is, actually, a good thing. Once the humans start taking control of the buying/selling, the price should rise.
        • Tractor Supply has that niche, in retail, that while most of their stock could be sold on Amazon, their customers are not willing to wait three days for it to show up. They want it now!